It’s all about food

I’d like to say I live a slow life. A slow life in the sleepy countryside. We are relatively detached from negative influences and time does not have a play in our lives. A slow life.


The Little Dutch ‘Farmer’

My new experience of a winter in Hungary, for The ‘Farmer’ I feel, was challenging, to say the least. There was no soil to turn over (well… not that I knew of). There were no weeds to discover (well… not that I knew of). There was no comfort for a tour, not even a little one. I tried.


Baking Bread in Camp

Bread on a tiny stove

How to bake bread on a tiny stove. Practice had me bake the perfect bread. Follow these instructions and your camp experience will enhance. Read more…

Campsite recipes

Recipes for the road; easy cooking with common ingredients. Quick, healthy and delicious. Read more…

Are you fed up with bleached, modified grains, leaving you eat without feeling stuffed? Can you eat white bread until your bread supply is finished? Do you wonder why such bread is not filling you up? Are you carrying large bulk of bread in your panniers?

Creativity Gear

Homemade natural tick and mosquito repellent

Always being bitten by mosquito’s and awake for hours while trying to sleep, itching myself until bleeding and ever so often on the search for any kind of repellent.