Travel Pouch

Embroidering pieces of fabric became one of the most pleasant ways of winding down, or contemplating the morning glory while I cycled the world. See here what’s become of that!

Your reason for a pouch

Would you like to add a bit of extra beauty to where ever your ride takes you? Or just when you are at home? My pouches and purses are made to add beauty to every day moments. That is why I started to create them: to wrap the little I own in a fine piece of fabric. That what I see must be beautiful to the eyes but practical as well. They are often made at camp spots, and the pouches are always an unique enhancement to the senses.

Zipper pouch Leah & Judah € 35.00

Drawstring pouch Simply onion € 20.00

Slip-in pouch Maryvilla € 45

Zipper pouch Small as catpaw € 20 – NOW € 15

Zipper pouch Paraguay Cerrito € 40

Zipper pouch Keszthely € 25 – NOW € 20

Zipper pouch Italy € 25 – NOW € 20

Naturally colored (with resources that are often edible too)

Embroidered the slow way (naturally, by hand)

Often made sitting at a camp fire

“I ordered again two of your beautiful pouches. I love the little yellow one very much and it is always by my side. For me your pouches are like little treasures, with all energy of your fine embroidery.” Judith

“I’m so happy that I get to own this beautiful piece of art. Thank you for making beautiful things and writing wonderful and inspiring content.” Meghan

“I loved the pouch Cindy made so much. From the very first moment I saw it, I simply had to have it. And she made one extra on my special demand, to store my GPS in. How nice can a present be! Pouches like these are a joy forever. Strongly recommended if you are looking for a unique pouch.” Wilfried


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