Travel Pouch

Embroidering pieces of fabric became one of the most pleasant ways of winding down, or contemplating the morning glory while I cycled the world. See here what’s become of that!

Your reason for a pouch

Would you like to add a bit of extra beauty to where ever your ride takes you? Or just when you are at home? My pouches and purses are made to add beauty to every day moments. That is why I started to create them: to wrap the little I own in a fine piece of fabric. That what I see must be beautiful to the eyes but practical as well. They are often made at camp spots, and the pouches are always an unique enhancement to the senses.

Zipper pouch Sawn Tree Trunk € 37.00

This piece of fabric did it’s own way, hard headed like myself, it became quite something else than originally intended.

Zipper pouch Leah & Judah € 35.00

Once settled I thought I’d have no stories to tell about embroidery. Not traveling does not mean that nothing happens. Yet, this story behind this pouch is rather sad.

Zipper pouch Fabricated Forest € 25

Ao po’i, my beloved stitch: taking a piece of fabric and original yarn from Paraguay with me on a kickbike tour made a quick pattern.

Zipper pouch Small as catpaw € 20 – NOW € 15

Zipper pouch Paraguay Cerrito € 40

My all time favorite pouch. I don’t understand why this one is still in my shop? The 2 super stories aside, this is a pearl.

Zipper pouch Keszthely € 25 – NOW € 20

Zipper pouch Italy € 25 – NOW € 20

For some reason this pouch is not popular. Perhaps the mediterranean highway route truck-travel has to do with it?

Naturally colored (with resources that are often edible too)

Embroidered the slow way (naturally, by hand)

Often made sitting at a camp fire

‘Can’t wait to see them,’ text Alan, who got 4 embroidered pieces in two orders. ‘We are going to use them in our Motorhome and on our travels out west.

I got your package about 3 days ago and haven’t opened it yet. I want it to be something to share with my wife who comes home today. Alan

Social media is a strange beast! For years we follow each other, sometimes ‘like’, sometimes pass by, and often just stop following as time passes. But occasionally a connection is made and our lives are enriched, and indeed changed. For years now your posts, and at times quirky photos @cindy.beringer.servranckx have appeared on my social media feeds and inbox, and without exception I’ve felt blessed, enriched and sometimes challenged by them. There is no better gift one person can give another than this, and becoming the next custodian of this beautiful creation has filled me with such joy, contentment and a washing of peace as the scent of India comes from it. I’ve felt as if I’ve been riding a huge rollercoaster over the last couple of years, ignoring the obvious negative aspects, as time and again I rode the waves in complete joy. You, in your atelier, have been a huge part of that, and of strengthening my love and connection with my wife. Nick


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