My name is Cindy, the Netherlands. 1972. March. Married in 2019 to Geo, Germany.

Traveling forms. Traveling teaches. Before I took the bicycle I carried a backpack. Without an existing blog of those travels, I did document two big impacts. First big impact. Second big impact.

I traveled the world for 10 years. Then took the bicycle and pedaled off for 5 years, 50.000 kilometers through 45+ countries

Traveling forms. Traveling let time last four times longer. Traveling makes one feeling very alive. Alert. And aware.

What is now

Artist chasing the simple life

It was quite a juggling act to find the balance between my active lifestyle and wanting to settle down. It took us several places, modes of transport and travels to find out. Now I can say we’re ‘setteled’. I feel I can live a lifestyle connected to the cycling way of life: away from society, disconnected from conformation and simplicity. I keep exploring by bicycle and kickbike, but small scale.

Visit my shop CINDYneedleart

What was

I started cycling from the garage door straight to West Africa
(beginning of 2012 – end of 2017)
A jeep ride into Zanskar, North India made me aware that I wanted to be exactly there where the jeep would pass by; I wanted not to be where I stepped in and out of the vehicle. When I saw a couple ploughing and pushing their bicycles through the loose sand, embraced by only nature (and the jeep I was in), I knew: a bicycle it will be.

I stopped cycling at a Mennonite farm in Paraguay and met my husband
(end of 2017 – beginning of 2018)
Cycling the world had become a normality. I could have gone on forever but there was not much challenge left. I liked to camp more than the act of moving yet again. I would embroider and bake bread on a fire at my camp spots. I noticed I longed for a home with a kitchen and more electricity. A closet. Yes, a loving, patient, trustful partner too. I wanted a simple life as I had seen other people so often on my rides, a more self sustainable style of living. A more old-fashioned way of living.

A glance of traversing the world in 10 years

I knew very early on that a regular job with a set time on the calender ‘to go on holiday’ would not do for me. I traveled, always solo, with a packback to about 45 countries, not avoiding Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan or Yemen. I had a special connection with India from the moment I entered and I lived 8 months in a valley near the Afghan border in Pakistan. An extensive summary

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