An inquisitive curiosity led me to ask people I know about their view on particular subjects. It’s called ‘Mirror View’ because it’s not an interview, as I give my view on each question too. I find it interesting to see the difference in perceiving.

This idea arose from a friend of mine I’d not met at the time of writing this, Heike. She interviewed me some time ago, as she did with several other solo female cyclists. She made a beautiful portrait of each of us. The spark to start questioning came when I met a motorcyclist in Paraguay; and I saw the huge differences in transport.

Click on each name to find their particular View in the Mirror I held in front of them:

Yves, for 9 years in the saddle. I asked Yves about the differences between a man and a woman riding solo in Iran.

Heike, for 3.5 years continuous on the road. I asked Heike about her comfort zone, how likely is this after so many years non-stop on the road?

Koen, has cycled through 35 countries and is currently on a grand tour. I asked Koen about fear. Because leaving a job and a house behind is not without fears I imagine.

Gerry, cycle touring since her 18th with a turtle-symbol around her neck. I talk with her about slow cycling.

Annechien, has backpacked before she tasted the life on a bicycle. I asked her about the meaning of cycling, and life in general. It has become a spiritual view.

Rita, is traveling a lot, through almost all countries on earth, and with public transport. It is about the superior feelings of a cyclist over those who travel by public transport.

Jeffrey, a Dutch guy on a motorbike who I met at the border with Chile and Argentina. His extensive travels made him write two books. I ask him about what adventure means to him.

By Cindy

Years of traveling brought me many different insights, philosophies and countries I needed to be (over 90 in total). I lived in Pakistan, went over 15 times to India and when I stopped cycling the world, that was after 50.000 kilometer through 45 countries, I met Geo. Together we now try to be more self-sustainable, grow our own food and live off-grid. I now juggle with the logistics of being an old-fashioned housewife, cook and creative artist loving the outdoors. The pouches I create are for sale on

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