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The life of Pi(llow)

The movie I saw on an airplane after the book I red in India. I liked both. My husband did not. But my imagination is big and I love to escape in my own world, so it fitted me. The same with this pillow, this little write up is about the life of this Pi(llow).



Better a handful with quietness than both hands full, together with toil and grasping for the wind. 'Vanity of vanities', says the preacher in Ecclesiastes; 'all is vanity.' 

Your reason…

A year as no other (as has been the case so far), so much that was going on was not as ever before. Indeed, quarantaine and stay-at-home was our self chosen situation and in this I bloomed.

Hungary Kickbike

Comfort’s in sunshine, sweetness’ in the discomfort

What is the thing with winter camping? I was never into it but when I had to cross Patagonia I could not avoid cold temperatures, snow and frost. Heat reaching to a 50 degrees is not pleasant either but cold starts to sit in the bones and makes stiff. Cold has the easiness to disable pleasure and make the whole trip a grim nonsense ongoing rather than a pleasurable challenge.

Plan: 2 nights camping, 70 kilometer in 2.5 days. Done: 1 night camping, 60 kilometer in 2 days. Average speed: 9 (much pushing through mud). Level of happiness and satisfaction: high.


Wild Camping Guidance

Have you decided to explore the world on a bicycle, than camping is part of it. As the outside seems so much more spooky than a house, the first thing that comes to mind is: ‘Is it not dangerous?’ On the contrary, in fact, it is not so much about danger. Much more camping is about management of daily changing circumstances and how to deal with them. Rather exciting and never dull indeed!