California 1 Anza Borego & Joshua Tree

California & Arizona 2 Mojave Desert to Yuma

Arizona 3 Tohono O’Odham native land & Organ Pipe National Monument

Arizona 4 Iron Wood national Monument & Gila Bend

Arizona & California 5 Salton Sea & Palm Desert

California 6 West Coast Ventura to San Diego


Brazil 1 Sao Paulo, Parana

Brazil 2 Parana, Mato Grosso do Sul


Paraguay 1 Pedro Juan Caballero to Concepcion

Paraguay 2 Concepcion to General Diaz Road, towards Chaco

Paraguay 3 Mennonite and Indians in the Chaco

Paraguay 4 Mennonite and Indians in the Chaco

Paraguay 5 Dry Chaco, a week long stay at a military camp


Bolivia 1 Villamontes to Tarija

Bolivia 2 Tarija to Villazon

Argentina 1st entry

Argentina 1 Villazon to Susques

Argentina 2 Susques to San Antonio de los Cobres Ruta 40

Argentina 3 San Antonio de los Cobres to Cafayate


Peru 1 Lima

Peru 2 Coastal route

Chile 1st entry

Chile 1 Start Atacama, Iquique

Chile 2 Atacama coastal route

Chile 3 Atacama, together with my dad

Chile 4 Atacama, Antofagasta, Pan de Azucar

Chile 5 End of Atacama, start Andes

Argentina 2nd entry

Argentina 5 Cristo Redentor pass, Mendoza, Ruta 40 to Bardas Blanca

Argentina 6 ruta 40 Bardas Blancas on to Chos Malal and beyond

Argentina 7 ruta 40 Las Lajas to border with Chile

Chile 2nd entry

Chile 6 Curacautin via Pino Hachado

Argentina 3th entry

Argentina 8 The lake district, Bariloche

Argentina 9 Esquel and Trevellin to Chile’s border

Chile 3th entry

Chile 7 Carretera Austral, turn into Argentina at Coihaique

Argentina 4th entry

Argentina 10 Patagonia Argentina, Comodoro Rivadavia

Argentina 11 Pampa, a truck drive out of Patagonia towards Gral. Alvear

Argentina 12 Pampa, invitations in Parana province

Argentina 13 meeting friends around Buenos Aires, and San Antonio de Areco


Uruguay 1 Fray Bentos border crossing towards Tacuarembo, the heartland

Uruguay 2 Continuating towards Tucuarembo

Uruguay 3 a two week stay with a newly-made 73 year young friend

Uruguay 4 cycling through Uruguay, Brazil and into Argentina

Argentina 5th entry

Argentina 14 same post as Uruguay 4, cycling into Argentina, meeting with gaucho’s

Argentina 15  from Corrientes and Misiones to Posadas

Paraguay 2nd entry

Paraguay 6 second time in Paraguay and I am liking it, although there is much rain

Paraguay 7 I find myself waking up IN a river!

Paraguay 8 from Asunción towards Filadelfia, the Chaco, heading to Mennonite friends

Paraguay 9 heading towards Filadelfia via a fantastic gravel route

Paraguay 10 I reached the house of Marilyn and Gert, Mennonites farming in the Chaco

Paraguay 11 on a Work Away base on the farm in Mennonite community

Paraguay 12 I start to settle in on the farm

Paraguay 13 I am settled in and liking the farm work and other Work Away people

Paraguay 14 With one of the Work Away people I leave the farm to extend my visa

Paraguay 15 I am with Geo (who is now my husband) far from the farm, discovering new parts of Paraguay (Indepedencia)

Paraguay 16 Geo and I return to the farm in Filadelfia via an exciting motorbike ride over the most noteworthy national road of Paraguay

Paraguay 17 Rain makes driving in the Chaco impossible. A mud bath awaits us…

Paraguay 18 Geo and I are on the motorbike to National Park Cerro Leon, a difficult ride through loose sand

Paraguay 19 The finish!

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