Good to Know When You Start & Stop

The pro’s and con’s of deciding to live life differently, focusing on a cycling life.

This post focuses on when coming to a halt after long-term cycling. In my case I wanted it to come to a stop, and when yours will end whether willingly or not, you must know that some things will not be the same anymore. You and your outlook may have changed drastically.

I’m not talking about anything shorter than, let’s say, a couple of years cycling around the world -as a once in a lifetime happening- but all that qualifies for a full immersed life on the road where you keep your credit card usage to a minimum, where you live according the seasons and be as basic as a cycling life can go.

This post has 4 separate chapters

1) Aim what is the purpose of it all? 

2) Attractor what attention can do to you.

3) Maintenance living a simple lifestyle is not less work. 

4) Danger the world is not what often is being said.

May 2019: the post Aim is published. It has photo’s from Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia, Yemen, Iran, Syria, Jordan and Afghanistan.

done 1-IMGP7512

June 2019: the post Attractor is published. I added photo’s I made of elderly women and disabled youth, which was a volunteer job in South India, made possible by Focus on Education.

d 1-IMGP9465

July 2019: the post Maintenance is published with photo’s from the cycling lifestyle, ranging from the beginning in West Africa until the near finish in Patagonia.

Slider Patagonia

August 2019: the post Danger is published with photo’s from the cycling lifestyle.


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