Tools & Things


This list of tools is consistent throughout my trip so far. I make sure I always carry the items below. Cycling in Africa, Middle East and Asia doesn’t have many opportunities to come along some of those. Europe is easier although it might be a search to find some of the ordinary stuff. Be prepared and carry the bare minimalistic, so you can repair your companion at any given time.

I cycle on a Santos steel frame with Rohloff hub, Magura breaks and Brooks saddle.

Cindy's sturdy tool bag

A roll of tools, wrapped in sturdy cotton and hold together by a knot. Here is where I keep all my tools. It’s not much as you can see, it fits on a plate. Here we go with the contents:

A multi-tool with all the necessary Allen keys. A screwdriver and a tool for chain (which I don’t use on this multi-tool).

Chain link tool, spoke truing tool

A pen, to mark the punctures in a tire.

A chain splitter tool, to brake the chain and link it together again (I don’t use quick links).

The red round plastic thing is a spoke key, for straightening the spokes if the wheel has a bend in it.

A little easy access box for repairing punctures (sandpaper, glue and patches).

Cresent wrench, Brooks, Alan

A crescent wrench nr. 8 (which I don’t use much, if at all?)

A  tool to tighten the Brooks saddle. I have left the grease for the saddle behind and use olive oil instead.

An Allen tool only for tightening the chain. The set up I have on my bicycle with a Rohloff hub needs to have the chain tightened now and then.

Tire levers

A Stanley knife (in case I need to set up a box for the bicycle, or open the fully taped box at an airport). I actually don’t use it often so maybe I better leave it behind.

Grease for moving parts, bolts and rusty prone parts. Each time I unscrew a bolt, I put grease on it. This way peddles are easy to loosen.

And, of course, plastic tire levers.

Multi Screwdriver Needlenose Plyer

A screwdriver with cross-end and flat tip (I carry it but wonder for what?). The needle nose plyer I use to hold the screw when I tighten the bolts on the front rack in case I need to take it off.


Chain oil. Toothbrushes to clean the chain. A cloth. Nail polish to seal rusty parts.


Bolts, washers and screws for the racks (I asked the bicycle shop to give me a few spare).


Tye rips (I carry big ones too). Sandpaper. Patches of all kind. Emergency patches (which never worked for me).


More screws, washers and bolts of all kinds, over the years I collect a few. Quick links for the chain. French valve (never needed it).


And here is the tool wrap again. I made it myself from heavy cotton, all parts are separated and easy to find back.


And of course, I carry duct tape with me. Not this much, just a fraction of it, wrapped around the seat post for easy access.

A list of ‘spare & repair’ parts

A full list of gear, divided by what I use and not use

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