Spare & Repair

A list of all the spare and repair parts I carry with me. It’s very consistent throughout the trip, where ever I find myself: this is what I need. Whether an Ortlieb panniers has yet another hole, the brake screw got fatigued or the mattress a puncture.

I need to say that I don’t take a spare chain and spare tires with me anymore, I used to that while in Africa.

Screws for Magura (brake set).

Rohloff tool  to attach to the sprocket in order to loosen it, turn it, or replace it.

Therm-A-Rest repair set.


Magura oil (for the brakes)

Rohloff oil set (for the speedhub)

Magura spare brake cable. Screws for the brakes, Magura require a renewal of screws in the brake-handle now and then too. I always, or almost always, carry enough brake pads.


Patches to repair a flat tire. Many kind of patches. Much glue.

A piece of inner tube (for attaching to the racks so the panniers have more grip).


Rohloff easy set (shifting cable).

Tie rips and a set of Ortlieb repair patches and glue.


A Toppeak Road Morph pump, Slime tubes and normal Schwalbe tubes.

I carry spare spokes with me too, stored under the seat post in the frame.

I try to have Seam Grip Sealer with me at all times, its great glue for repairing the mattress and sealing leaking seams in the tent.

Here is a list of all the gear I have with me: gear

With this link you go to the list of tools I carry: tools

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