Review Optimus Nova

Review Optimus Nova

An excellent stove, but new every decent product is good. So I need to give it some years able to be objective about it. So far I can tell you this, summoned in positive and less positive.

I use gasoline which I filter through two baby socks consisting of a very fine netting. I do not mix fuels, so if I have a little left over I make sure to throw that out of the bottle before I refill it.


  • Low design, therefore very stable

  • Switching the flame off, between two tea’s for example, is very easy with the switch on the fuel bottle

  • Disconnecting the hose from the bottle is without a tiny spillage of fuel and goes very easy (except when it is freezing, then it gets a bit troublesome because of cold fingers)

  • The cleaning of the needle, if necessary, is very easy

  • The booklet is excellent

  • Fuel control valve is very supple, and has a good design

  • The two protecting caps on the end of the hose and bottle are thoughtful, and will protect it from dirt getting in

  • The stuff bag is thoughtful designed

  • Contact info is beyond magnificent! A very big THANK YOU for R. who helped me replace this stove and fill me in with little questions once I start using it

Less positive

  • The quality of the fuel does have an impact on the working of the stove, this will have the force of the flame and fuel amount differ when starting up

  • Sometimes the flame goes out when I switch pans

  • Wind sensitive

  • The top of the pump mechanism is a bit too small, would like to see it broader for a better grip

  • Legs of the burner way too stiff, sometimes I hurt my fingers with closing and opening them

  • Flimsy wind screen which will break within half a year

  • The stove produces much sound

It needs quite an understanding how to handle the stove, as there a few very little ways important for its optimal working. Such as: the control valve should not be closed after having switched off the flame, as it will easily get stuck. Each time you start using the stove it is best to move the magnet underneath the stove so the needle will not get stuck. Do not switch off the stove by turning the control valve, this is best done by flipping the bottle or with the valve at the fuel bottle.

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