Review Rain Jacket Patagonia

Review rain jacket Patagonia

The very last moment before I would set off to South America, including rainy Patagonia, I decided I needed a new rain jacket.


I know how funny I look with the self-made rain SKIRT, but this is what works best for me.

I had two rain jackets before, a Fjall Raven heavy lined jacket which I exchanged for a cheap convenience store jacket. Both wouldn’t do for Patagonia as the first was not waterproof anymore, the other would make me wet from sweating.

I did not want to spend a lot of money on a rain jacket as I don’t use them often, but according advertisement the best rain jacket doesn’t come less than $300. The latest jackets are always better than before, which indicates that their previous jacket was worthless. You need such and so, Gore-Tex, wind stopper, fancy fabrics with technical breathing abilities and before you know you carry 4 jackets on your bicycle.

Once in the shop, I selected 3 jackets between 100 and 150 euro. Fitted them, weighted them in my hands, folded them and decided rather quick. Of course, the salesman opted for the most expensive one, one which I hadn’t even selected. But when I talked quiet and in confidence, he admitted my choice was as good as that very expensive one…

Patagonia H2No. Which in fact has a very curiously technical fabric. It seems textile from the outside and plastic from the inside.

Light. Small to fold. Visible color. Excellent fitting. Good price.

But what is more important is the waterproof ability and performance in the rain. I had my share here in Patagonia, and with my new Patagonia H2No jacket I can say it is a perfect jacket. It keeps me dry, I do not sweat, it keeps me warm in cold weather (2 degrees) and blocks the wind.


  • The details are well thought through.

  • The hood is large, fully closed around the face and the slightly hardened cap just above your eyes keeps the rain out of your face.

  • The front zipper has a small cut-out so the fabric won’t get stuck in the zipper

  • The front zipper is made from plastic of a heavier kind, which is not likely to derail

  • To tighten the hood it has 3 cords which are very easy to handle with just one pull

  • The pull cords in the hood are very smartly designed

  • The price is reasonable

  • The back is slightly longer than the front, which keeps your bum dry

  • There’s only one layer, taped seams from the inside, Velcro on the sleeves.

  • It has a nice fitting, and a cool look. A zipper underneath the armpits.


  • With folding the jacket I take good care not to fold the slightly hardened cap on the hood.

  • I take care not to ‘bush-whack’ with my jacket on as it will rip probably easily.

  • Dirt is easily attracted


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