USA 3: Corona Virus thus No More Kickbiking

So, a camping in Florida.

Can it get more adventurous than that?

Certainly not.

Corona Circus is doing well, it attracts lots of people. The show is being followed on television and though its running behind on Europa, a large following grows steadily in the USA as well.


How to Bake Bread on a Tiny Stove?

When Geo and I were in South America we often ate bread which was not too memorable, not when it comes to quality. Soft, white, sugared dry bread is what South American countries often offer.


Baking Bread in Camp

How to bake bread on a tiny stove

Recipes for the road (easy cooking)

Are you fed up with grains, leaving you eat without feeling stuffed? Can you eat bread until your bread supply is finished? Do you wonder why bread is not filling you up? Are you carrying large bulk of bread in your panniers?