Zipper Repair

How to repair a zipper

Nothing as annoying when the zipper of your tent derails, leaving you with flapping doors. Nothing quite as disappointing when your expensive tent is prone to wearing out, just as any other brand.

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Hints for Women

Show on two Wheels: whether you like it or not, you as a lone female are more a of a show than any other combination of people on a bicycle! Get used to it.

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How to’s

Once you decide to live a life on the road, especially as a single woman, there are some tips and tricks which might come in very handy. I wrote quite a few post ranging from handy items particularly for women, tips on how to react and behave in difficult situations. In an interview I did for Heike Pushbikegirl, I thought about the subject a bit more in detail. Read here

Handy items for women

A few items differ a lot for a woman on the road and it’ll make her life a lot easier. Read post

Hints for women

Be sensible: you are not out there to implement feminism. As a lone female cyclist these hints will be of help. Read post

The Netherlands

For sale: luxury coach Khyber pass

Warning: this text includes cynical expressions…

Less than a month before departure. The list of things to do is collecting more and more strikethroughs without adding new things to do and things not to forget to do. An obvious progress.