Women Department

There’s  – little – difference between a man and a woman when it comes to strength. A man is often physically obviously stronger. A woman often mentally. There are, however, significant differences: being a woman requires other items. This is a post for woman in the saddle. Yet, when we are both strong, but on other fields, women do need other stuff than men.


Gerry about slow cycling

Gerry, 58 years, from the Netherlands has been cycling since her 18th and covered about 35,000 kilometer worldwide.


India from A to Z

This A to Z is based on cycling as a woman alone in India, which makes a whole lot of differences. Before I cycled through India, I have travelled extensively by public transport and always solo. I haven’t counted the exact entries into India but it must have been more than 15 times.

Africa Iran

Hints for Women

Show on two Wheels: whether you like it or not, you as a lone female are more a of a show than any other combination of people on a bicycle! Get used to it.