A word about selfies

My sister was a model for some time, on a pearl white beach where the palm trees were outfitted with electricity outlets. She modelled in the sultry Caribbean, she withstood the wind and she splashed into the lazuli colored water as if she were a pro. She never was one, but more than I ever could be.

I am not a natural poser. As a child I would cast my little hands, smeared in dirt, in front of dad’s film device or fold my hands across of my face when mom pointed her camera at me.




When you follow my blog, you may have wondered whether I feel like a movie star? Or perhaps whether I think of myself as a terrific beautiful 45 years young? Or maybe you think I reached a delayed midlife crisis and feel like a 15 years old again? None of it. I like being my own model, as this cost me no effort. I am not shy in front of my own camera, but maybe that is because I was a photographer, albeit of food.


The reason of selfies is that a photo often gets better when a person is in it. It makes for different compositions. Being on my own, I have two options: with or without myself.

DSC_0332 (2)


Winter has set in and camping becomes harder, especially with wrong gear. My mattress has blown up. Argentina, 2017Start of Atacama desert, Chile, 2017

I admittedly tell you that I am vain, because I would always choose the best photo and not the ugliest. A photo does has the same effects as a film, movie, or any kind of medium which is not life: acting.

IMG_20160919_100310I look best when covered up, and the dirt route in Bolivia gave me enough reason to do so. Such photo's show a part of how dusty cycling can be.

Selfie 1

I rather have other people in the photo, but I don’t see many and if I do, I am not always in the mood to ask whether they want to pose, and exactly as how I want them to. Quite many people are actual not into the exhibit thing at all, and besides, no one ever shows up at my camp to be my private model. And I am thankful for that!

selfie 2One of the better csmp spots. I have food and water enough to stay 2 nights and still make it to the next vilage. Atacama desert, Chile 2017DSC_0431 (2)DSC_05052017-10-8--14-36-01

Selfies take practice. It is best to take a pose, to act sturdier than you would behave in real life. In reality I would not lay on the tarmac -as I have no desire to be roadkill- neither would I practice yoga postures on a huge bolder -in fact, I need a teacher to be able to practice yoga-. It’s for the photo.



But sometimes, I do get wildly enthusiastic from the natural surrounding I am in, and great poses spring up from my mind.

2-selfie 4


DSC_0496 (2)

What I try to conceive is my mood. I can take many photo’s of, for example, an endless stretch of road, but it doesn’t show the total picture, the hardship or happiness of it. With myself, I try to bring the mood to the one who is seeing the photo, including myself.


DSC_0568 (3)Cycling high altitude and gravel needs very good and much gas in the tank. I don't get it how some people live on polenta or rice only.

selfie 5


It is just fun to pose and get great shots. I like being a model for someone who sees me exactly a I do. Or does this sound too much like a split personality?

When I am totally content, I start to jump, play and jostle around. On such moment I think of making a selfie. Thus photo's like this portrait my mood very well. And this is what cyclinDSC_0990 (2)

DSC_0336 (3)DSC_0800PicsArt_01-15-08.07.41DSC_0581 (3)atacama 2

With my blog I try to inspire people to follow their dreams. To travel in a self-propelled mode (no airplanes!), to overcome fear and leave the comfort zone, to be out in nature: because true happiness lays here. And to love thyself, and make a selfie or two a day.

1-Atacama desert, Chile 2017

DSC_0357 (2)



Bolivia 5

Stay tuned, more -vanity speaks- super original selfies will follow in due time….

29 responses to “A word about selfies

    • Hi Louise, I have been accused too! Often, men, would say to stop making selfies! Or to stop making photo’s with them in it. Some others think it has to do with vanity, but I really think it has to do with art! I mean, see how Van Gogh took himself as a model! It teaches us in a way, too, more about yourself. It’s just fun!

      Thanks for your thoughts : )

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  1. I like what you do and the unusual angle of view, but often I have this technical question: What a selt-timer do you have that give you so much time to return to the wanted posture? I have 10 seconds with my camera, and this is often not enough for instance for running back to my bike, jump on it and let it look quite natural.


    • HI Felix,

      I had this question too, someone gave me the answer on how to use my camera (she did so from a distance). So I do the same to you, although we might not have the same camera.

      First: do you have a remote control option? If so, this will be another help to make shots when you are already in the position you want to be in.

      Second: Can you change your timer to more seconds, I have 20 maximum. Which is still not much but I have to do with it. I have Nikon D90.

      Third: a good shot takes often more than 30 trials. And sometimes really trice that amount. Usually the shots last made are the best, because than you have ‘mastered’ the position you want to be in, have all the details and technical options right.

      Fourth: I have the option to make 9 shots in a row, with a waiting time of 20 seconds to get in that position. The remote gives me this option too but with one shot at a time.

      Hope this helps.


  2. Inspiring to see such a wide and creative variety of selfies. I see so many people in a great hurry so snap themselves in that moment as if to capture it before it flees. Without consideration of their surroundings or composition of the full photograph, the most review appears to be a cursory check for any spinach in the grin.
    Thanks for your creations!


    • Hi Vincent, well, what can I say? I am artist after all. And maybe not the best one, I consider myself good enough to post those selfies as a form of art. I am only sometimes shy ; ))

      Many people indeed take not much time out for a good photo of themselves, which might be due to feeling vain? But if you take yourself as a model, like you would do with a stranger, then why hurry?

      Regards, and thanks for replying, Cindy

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  3. Your selfies are wonderful! Thanks for putting this selection together. They are imaginative, and beautifully composed. I think you are right. Selfies teach us a lot about the moment, and ourselves. You make a beautiful model 😂Looking forward to the next episode.


    • Hi Gary,

      Thank for the compliment. I am aware that I am not the ugliest duck in the pond, but really not a beauty either. And that is not so much important, the feeling and the composure is. So yes, I use myself to make photo’s and get a nice composition. It’s fun. It makes you also aware of general composure…. but when some one else makes a photo of me, I am much more shy!

      I try to have a look at your latest post today, as I am in a hotel!
      Regards Cindy


      • The Whistler GranFondo – 122 km from Vancouver to Whistler with ~ 1,900 meters of climbing. I did it in the pouring rain and cold, and was pleased with the result. Nothing compared to what you do though. Next I want to cycle across the continent to my cottage in northern Ontario. Interested?


      • Hi Gary, don’t say it is not compared to what I do, because what I do is slow cycling, and I am not that strong if it comes to climbing high altitude with my heavy load. If I had to do such a tour as you did, in the rain and cold, I probably would just stop and go home : ))

        I am not sure what I am going to do next, after South America. But one thing I do know and that is that I need MORE natural surroundings. Here are too many fences and too much agricultural grounds!

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      • I know what you mean. I have a summer cottage in rural Ontario, and spend several months there every year. I love the cycling there. Quiet, rural roads. Just me and the cows, horses and corn fields. I hope to cycle there next May/June through parts of Canada and the northern United States.

        I don’t always cycle fast. I like slow. It’s the best way to travel. And I know what you mean about more natural surroundings. We humans have made a mess of things.


      • Yes Gary! I couldn’t agree more. Each day I speak in my mind to the cows: ‘at least I life now the other side of your fence and a bit more free’. But in fact I’m also fenced in! Cycling in Uruguay is not nice. It’s incredible how much meat producing is going on here!! We made a mess of earth only to fill the tummy to an unnatural content! I try to find nature now but I think I will fail from Uruguay onward….

        Liked by 1 person

      • Yes. You certainly live “a bit more free”, and “on the other side of my fence”. Your lifestyle, independence, and curiosity is remarkable. You are in meat country down there. I hope your travels improve quickly.


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