Germany Interview

Casual Conversation (while camera running!)

A couple of months ago, in summer, I met Heike, a German world cyclist whom I know for some years. We got to know each other through social media when I was cycling in India and Heike was somewhere relatively near, perhaps in Oman. Years later we were able to meet.

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Update: Cycling’s Ceased

It happens that some don’t know where I am, or wonder where the country I’m cycling through is actually situated, or that I am elsewhere than where some think I am. Confusion all over.

Denmark Germany The Netherlands

The Netherlands, Germany & Denmark

Cycling Cindy in her very own wonderland vs. the rough India-mode

‘Are you on a trip around the world?’ asks an eighty year aged man who’d come sit next to me on a wooden bench. Not so difficult to answer but without trying to form an extended answer I reply ‘yes’. I am on a trip around the world, even though that is cycling over destined cycle paths to Germany and a little into Denmark.