A Short Update from the Here and Now

You have subscribed to CyclingCindy because you are interested in cycling. Yet cycling is the least that I can offer you now, this is no story about cycling adventures you are going to read. Instead it is what I am able to do because I stopped cycling (although this is old news).


USA 1: Kickbiking from Georgia to Florida

From Ecuador to the USA. From a motorbike to something very different. Geo and I each make a concession: Geo goes kickbiking with me and I am okay with starting our tour in Georgia. Back in Ecuador I spend lots of time connecting off-road routes to tracks with small town roads towards hidden gems in Carolina and on to the Appalachians.

Paraguay Spain

South America by Motorbike

The motorbike is a Chinese made Kenton 150cc and only available in Paraguay. The racks are custom made in Filadelfia, Paraguay.

Germany Paraguay

Update: Cycling’s Ceased

It happens that some don’t know where I am, or wonder where the country I’m cycling through is actually situated, or that I am elsewhere than where some think I am. Confusion all over.

The Netherlands Thoughts

Ready for taking off

Desires: Libya, Algeria, Niger, Saudi Arabia, Namibia, Colombia, Paraguay, Uruguay, Guyana’s, Kirgizstan and Mongolia.

How incredible much I longed for openness in Nature, able to pitch my tent where ever I desire and to do some trekking. I bought sturdy Goretex shoes, and a backpack I already have. Initially I choose Iceland. Then the sun came out in the Netherlands. Did I really want to battle some more wind and rain and cycle in a loop?