A Short Update from the Here and Now

You have subscribed to CyclingCindy because you are interested in cycling. Yet cycling is the least that I can offer you now, this is no story about cycling adventures you are going to read. Instead it is what I am able to do because I stopped cycling (although this is old news).


USA 1: Kickbiking from Georgia to Florida

From Ecuador to the USA. From a motorbike to something very different. Geo and I each make a concession: Geo goes kickbiking with me and I am okay with starting our tour in Georgia. Back in Ecuador I spend lots of time connecting off-road routes to tracks with small town roads towards hidden gems in Carolina and on to the Appalachians.

Paraguay Spain

South America by Motorbike

Perhaps the motorbike journey could be seen as our honeymoon. I met Geo while he was in the process of buying a motorbike and on that same motorbike we traversed across South America after we were married (we drove much of the route I earlier cycled). Before that, before we married, we got to learn each other and the Chaco by the very same transport.

Germany Paraguay

Update: Cycling’s Ceased

It happens that some don’t know where I am, or wonder where the country I’m cycling through is actually situated, or that I am elsewhere than where some think I am. Confusion all over.

The Netherlands Thoughts

Ready for taking off

Desires: Libya, Algeria, Niger, Saudi Arabia, Namibia, Colombia, Paraguay, Uruguay, Guyana’s, Kirgizstan and Mongolia.

How incredible much I longed for openness in Nature, able to pitch my tent where ever I desire and to do some trekking. I bought sturdy Goretex shoes, and a backpack I already have. Initially I choose Iceland. Then the sun came out in the Netherlands. Did I really want to battle some more wind and rain and cycle in a loop?