Update: Cycling’s Ceased

It happens that some don’t know where I am, or wonder where the country I’m cycling through is actually situated, or that I am elsewhere than where some think I am. Confusion all over.

2-Cycling Cindy-33

3-Cycling Cindy-57

My stories on the blog are about a year behind with where I happen to be.

Cycling Cindy-22


On the blog I am in Patagonia, right now I am in Germany, a few weeks ago I was in Paraguay. Paraguay is nestled mostly by Argentina and Brazil. So now, all who’s interested is with me.




Cycling since 2012 I came to a point where I was tired, sought refuge on a farm in a Mennonite colony in Paraguay to work and settle the mind. While working 5 hours a day 5 days a week I met Geo from Germany who worked there too.




Geo and I went on several adventures with a motorbike, something I was in for since I lost inspiration to push the pedals of a bicycle through boring landscapes always fenced off.





In doing so we came to conclusions, shaped ideas into actions and flew over the ocean to be in Germany for a little while.

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Germany had Heike Pushbikegirl suddenly in reach. She is a world-cyclist too, and contacted me 5 years ago through social media. While we both traversed the world, often being far away from one and another, never being closer than Oman separating me from her in Iran, we now had only 40 kilometers apart.



Needless to say that we spend an intense time together in the woods. 3 days were filled with non-stop talking, baking bread and preparing food. It has been some years ago that I could hook up with someone having such a similar lifestyle.

Cycling Cindy-77 (1)


A talk about food:

Thank you Heike, you made beautiful portraits and very dynamic selfies of us (I liked being your patient model; it’s so much easier than making selfies).

Enough water and plenty of pleasure in the Atacama desert, Chile.




Meeting with Heike, cycling only 20 kilometers away from home, has me puffing and panting when climbing a very moderate hill, sweat instantly wets my shirt. This, and more, makes me once again realize that cycling is over. The months prior to reaching the farm in Paraguay existed mostly of cycling from one camp-spot to another. Often not more than 40 kilometer a day was enough, as I wanted to be in camp more than facing the boredom of the eastern part of South America.



Sure, I could take a vehicle and have myself and the bicycle hauled to a more exciting part, but for me the boring parts lead me to the better parts.

Cold in wintry Patagonian Argentina, but the rain has finally stopped and I am enjoying great camp spots without fences. These are the spots never to forget.


Yet, noticing that I developed loving the lifestyle around cycling, finding places and camping I embraced wholeheartedly, but not so much the cycling part anymore. The living out of panniers, the never being able to decide on the spot where I wanted to stay longer, the constancy of fences, the agricultural damage, the changeless movement robbing me from getting things done other than kilometers passing away underneath my tires simply got me done with the cycling part.

There are about 7 holes and cuts in this bag, and one big hole I leave open. Now no one needs to chew their own hole again!

done 5-Cycling Cindy-79 (1)

done 4-Cycling Cindy-70

It felt as if I could go on for the rest of my life, cycling had become so normal, with little challenges, other than finding provisions.


On one of these rare occasions where I find wood in Atacama desert. I stay a full day, as I have enough water and food with me.


Now being in Germany, with only a 400 kilometers apart, my dad came over. Previous meeting was in the Andes, with about 3500 meters less altitude and only 2 days to show dad where I am now, we pressed some German beauty in his visit.







Once again I am astonished! Instantly I feel being in a country where Iran and Armenia are combined, never been so close to where I am born and yet so far away.





My calves hurt from the 20 kilometer cycling the barely visible hills of Germany.


Meanwhile Geo and I have unanimous decided to live life together in a truck. This way my bicycle can be taken along, I can cook on a human sized kitchen where I can unearth the salt container from something quite luxurious as a -stowed-full-with-spices- drawer instead of stinky panniers. Another luxury might be an indoor wood stove, but that’s about it, no shower, no water-tap, nor automatic toilet.



Bring on the camp fires, outdoor nights and sharing of basic human essentials!



I prefer to keep life down to earth, simple and clear.

Soon another post will follow, back to the adventures down the road in Argentina. Stay updated (you can follow this blog by subscribing to it), and in due time you will read all about the oncoming new way of life.

This post is mentally the deepest valley I went through on my ride, while this post is perhaps the highest peak I was on.

This post has my creativity which I make on the road.

Heike’s interview about cooking while on the road. Heike’s blog with incredible beautiful photography.

When you want to know how it is to come back into society after being for years on the road, read here. You may ask your questions below in the comment box and I write you back.



21 responses to “Update: Cycling’s Ceased

  1. So nice to have you here in Europe. I am touched by this upbeat, happy chapter. Looking forward to your next writing.


    • Hi Joe, it indeed is a different way of feeling, great you noticed that! When I read my previous post (when I am working on them, like now), I notice the constant struggle. However, my next chapter will be back on the road in Argentina, as I will not start with adding more workload than I already have. The only workload I will take on is working on the truck!! Regards Cindy


  2. Good luck with the future, Cindy. Sometimes, the adventures can become ‘safe’ and ‘routine’. It’s always good to do something different. You’ve been an inspiration – and it was great to meet you on the road in Romania.


    • Hi Helen, I remember you by name now, and I remember too that you wrote a beautiful write up about the positives and negatives about cycling. I agreed on that, and on this one too…. It became a routine indeed! Sort of my comfort zone. I want to keep the simplicity but not the bicycle underneath my body.

      Are you having any bicycle trips in the near future coming your way? I wish you a great summer : )

      Regards Cindy


      • Just did a two week cycle from the German border to Copenhagen. And planning to work my way around the Baltic Sea with my husband over the next few years (since he has a job). Doing more and more freelance travel writing these days which is cool.
        Your photographs are brilliant by the way. You are a talented photographer.


      • Thank you Helen, it sounds to me that you have a great job. A little of income with what you love doing. I actually would love that too, working when it suits me, from where ever I am. Hopefully, when I am done with my huge backlog in this blog and generally from being on the road so long, I can focus on that! Do you write for travel magazines? I reckon it is not easy to get your foot between the doors of publishers?

        Greetings from Germany!


  3. Hi Cinderella, dat is bijzonder nieuws!! Ik vroeg me al af hoe het zat want ik kreeg hele rare data op je blogs door.
    Heel veel succes met je Duitse vlam en met het verder reizen, almaar verder.
    En goed om te zien dat het met Ome Wijn goed gaat!
    Veel succes, ik heb genoten van je blogs en de freedom of spirit die je zo enorm uitdraagt.
    Keep safe and happy!

    Verstuurd vanaf mijn iPhone


    • Hoi Neef,

      Hoe bedoel je dat je rare data door kreeg? Ik ben, volgens de blog, gewoon op orde, en in Argentina. Maar ik loop wel een jaartje achter, wegens bijna geen WiFi, kon ik erg weinig bijwerken.

      Nu bij Geo, naast het brood bakken, granen malen en pie’s bakken (kortom, mijn hart ophalen wat huisvrouw zijn betreft) blijf ik mijn avonturen delen. Niet meer zo uitgebreid, maar het truck leven lijkt me bijzonder om ook anderen weer te inspireren.

      Stay tuned dus, want er komen nog ongeveer 20 blogposts ; )

      Ja, met ome Wijn gaat het heel goed. De aller scherpste kantjes zijn er vanaf, maar het wordt niet meer wat het was…

      Ik hoop dat het met jou en je vrouw ook goed gaat. Liefs Cinderella


  4. I feel the same way as you. Too few challenges in my daily traveling life. Same routine. Far less excitement as before. Time to shake things up. Perhaps Africa. Hopefully in a couple of years, I’ll live out of a van also (but with shower)!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Pius, isn’t that an incredible luxury issue, that we are not challenged, while we absolutely do not want to be challenged in ways with has little to do with life as we prefer to live it. So yes, in order to stay challenged, we are moving forward into the journey from both ways. I expect we always need to move further in order to keep that challenge. People who say ‘I always want to keep cycling’, for example, I wonder about that? Some people do cycle for many years and I wonder what their challenge is? Perhaps they do not need such a thing, and are happy to move smoothly each day. I

      For me, and a little different for you, is that at least I need a simple lifestyle. No luxuries and no machines and such. But well, a truck is quite a machine : ))

      I also feel the (terrible) need to produce something, to be active, creative and DO THINGS. I guess you are far more successful in this?

      Overall, I feel very at ease and blessed with all this I have and comes my way. There really NEVER is a day that I long for the 10 to 6 environment!! I only wish there were more hours in a day ; )

      Much love Pius!
      Did you get my email?



    • HI Nick, nice to hear this, thank you : ) Stay tuned because there is a lot more to come. I won’t stop yet, although in the future I will NOT blog this much and lengthy anymore. Too much work. I want to put more emphasis on the art I make : )


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