Road Side Shanty

This is my road side shanty, where I sell my handmade pouches. The pouches are useful to store precious items and stash your smart phone beautifully. I don’t set prices, it’s up to you what you want to donate. Because I want to grow, gain attention and built something bigger. This is what ignited my thoughts: A peek behind woman in disadvantaged situations.

I would like you to have a look at what I made from findings along the road and I invite you to lighten my load.

Paraguayan Pride


Made on the road in Brazil, Paraguay, Bolivia and Argentina. I used hemp cotton from Nepal (which I brought with me back home) on which I embroidered lama wool found in Argentina, deer tail hair and wild skunk pig -peccary- hairs from Paraguay. The closing cord is braided from my own old sun-faded blouse, as well as the lining of the pouch. Measurements (closed): 20 x 12.5 centimeter/ 7.87 x 4.92 inch.


Skunky Lava


Made on the road in Argentina and Chile. The strongly faded seam in the pouch is from a short lying in the desert. My eyes immediately were attracted to the purple, so picked it up despite its faded parts. It took me three different trials before I came with the globe as design to fill up with skunk peccary hairs. The inside of the pouch is made from a black T-shirt which I found along the road and has a long draw string with a lava stone attached to both ends. The inside pouch is double the size as the outside, to fold your stuff into. I thought it a nice, different way of safe keeping your USB sticks. Measurements: 13 x 8,5 x 2 centimeter/5.12 x 3.35 x 0.79 inch.

Naive Native


Made on the road in Peru and Chile. I used hemp cotton from Nepal again and embroidered it with regular thread but in an ancient native design I’ve seen in a museum in Peru. The lining is made from my own legging I cycled in for a few years. The bottom is made from a curtain I found along the road. The green draw string is thread from a small town in the semi desert in Paraguay. Measurements: 15 x 14 centimeter/ 5.91 x 5.51 inch.

Soft Shell


Made on the road in Chile and Argentina. Created from my own broken pair of trousers. The orange lining is from a T-shirt I found along the road on Ruta 40 in Argentina. This pouch would work nice to keep your money, and a smaller smart phone. It is embroidered in- and outside with the pattern of a shell I found in the Atacama desert of Chile. It has a macramé cord to close the pouch. Measurements (closed): 13,5 x 8.5 centimeter/5.31 x 3.35 inch.

Pouch 1a-001

Stash your Cash


Made on the road in Chile. Created from my own old and broken pair of trousers and a found short along the desert road in Atacama. Made for safekeeping your credit-cards and some cash in your bra. The longer drawstring may be knotted on your bra, so you won’t lose it. That’s how I secure my money and so do many women all over the world. Measurements: 11 x 7 centimeter/ 4.33 x 2.76 inch.

You may offer, and I will send you the requested, extraordinary, nomadic fashioned, fully hand-made pouch.

Don’t forget to fill in the form as it is handy to know to whom and where I have to send the item.

Mind you: please add the costs of postal service.

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