Little Escapes

I stopped cycling. Yet, need to be in nature. I married with a fantastic man called Geo. Here are my little outdoor adventures, clustered together:

1. I set off with a trailer and explored the near surroundings of the place we live now

dobe1-DSC_0729 (2)

2.  Cycling to Cuenca, a week long ride. That is, if I would have liked it…

d 1-DSC_0410

3. After lunch at an Indian restaurant Geo suggested me to walk back home, a 60 kilometer distance

15 1-DSC_0188 Picsart

By Cindy Servranckx

Years of traveling brought me many different insights, philosophies and places I needed to be. I lived in Pakistan, went over 15 times to India and when I stopped cycling the world, that was after 50.000 kilometer through 45 countries, I met Geo. Together we now explore many facets of life, including those by foot, by truck, by motorbike and by kickbike. Being an artist who's chasing the simple life, I keep embroidering in the abundance nature offers me. The pouches I create are for sale on

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Bedankt weer voor de post er valt weinig nieuws te melden het is weer zo kermis gr

Outlook voor Android downloaden


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Hmmm I like that shot of you walking with your trailer. What a beautiful scenery. By the way do the trailer wheels wider track cause any problems for you? I mean that they would be hitting the edge of the thinner tracks as you walk as they are wider than human foot tracks.

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Indeed, and unfortunately, the wheels are only good for tracks wide enough. The airless wheels are sturdy but do not allow you to go on the very narrow trails. It is more designed for designated walking trails, which are wide enough.

Therefore, this trailer confines in a way…

Greetings Cindy

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Hmmm, I thought so but was hoping the wheels just made it into the “path”. They do make single wheel trailers for that reason but I think then you spend time balancing the trailer with your hands. I wonder if that is more tiring than it’s worth. Maybe it can be modified to bring the wheels closer together enough to track your feet better but not need constant balancing. Just a thought. It’s good to see you out walking. No reason to always be taking the truck when walking is available. Great time to think, stitch, read and or just admire nature. Happy being in nature 😀

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I have seen the single wheel trailers on Facebook too. I also wonder if that make sense? I have found out, when you can carry the backback, then carrying is the best and most handy to move. Unless you need more water and food… but then, the trailer is so heavy, and I could not make much kilometers nor go on the paths I wanted.

We are hardly driving with the truck. We take it to a quiet place nearby since we need to work, almost daily in summer high season. That’s why I could not go out and walk.

In fact, driving is rather stressfull ; )

I fully agree: walking is perfect to think, admire, stitch and read when wanting to carry a book ; )

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