Elfin Escapism

A 5 day walk gained me lots of insights. Where full annoyance leads to. Frustration delivers, indeed!

I had to get out.

Let’s have lunch at the Indian. You can walk home from there,’ says Geo.

I never wanted to eat at Indian restaurants outside India, sole exception London.


But I’m glad I did. The food is extraordinary tasty, delicious and simply of the same level as in India, or London. We soon hear the Punjabi Sikh saying: ‘Life is for the moving, sir,’ and I can not agree more.

Off I am. 60 kilometer walking back home. That is, via the most straightforward roads. Without having done much planning, one of my better characteristics, I start walking in zigzag lines, via unnumbered tracks, agricultural paths, over impressive mountain flanks and sometimes over minor roads.

3 1-DSC_0059 picsart

Existent paths take me to non-existent or once present pathways, often over forgotten hunter trails and unused shepherd courses.


I am always off roads where I would not be with a bicycle. Quite a relief. Spain offers marked tracks easy to follow, easy to lose either. Those tracks were used in early days when nearly everyone seemed to be a farmer, and worked small plots for his daily existence. Those tracks appear/disappear out of the blue.

4 1-DSC_0051 picsart

5 1-DSC_0021 Picsart

First insight: just start and then figure out how.

I wondered for long: ‘how can I start walking through Spain and have enough food and water?’ I now reached a point of full frustration that those concerns had evaporated miraculously.

6 1-DSC_1097 Picsart

Walking sticks, a well fitting backpack, a working cellphone with Maps.Me and a battery pack helps.

1-DSC_0161 picsart

The backpack is about 10 kilograms without water and food. My shoes are bringing me blisters and pain. The food intake is so little that it dawns on me I am always overeating.



Second insight: I can eat half the amount while being 90% more active!

Not that I am happy with my intake of bread and rubbery melted cheese and sugared peanut butter. But it dawns on me that we humans often eat out of habit. And since our choice is exceeding normality, the easiness our food comes by and the unrealistic prices, add the unnatural additives to make us eat (and consume) more; I simply over-eat by automatism.

7 1-DSC_0147 picsart

8 1-DSC_0152 picsart

A fact of walking or cycling through Spain, far enough off the coast, is that villages are many but shops little. Water is not a problem, every hamlet has a fount. Food is hard to come by. The big companies have kicked aside the small grocery stores. Everyone has a car and drives to the big town to resupply.



Fruit in summer is abundant, to pick from wild growing trees along the paths and abandoned groves.




Third insight: pork is better to be avoided!

I hardly ever ate pork since the movie ‘Babe’ came out. After that I was traveling mostly in Muslim countries. Eventually I became a vegetarian, then I stopped being one. But never the image of piglets left my mind’s eye, especially not after I was with two piglets in Paraguay for a full week. Pinky and her Brother.

9 1-DSC_1059 Picsart

10 1-DSC_0023 Picsart

I found a bar open and finally had something more than bread with peanut butter and melted cheese. I order two big sandwiches with beef. It turned out to be pork; I was sure after I had eaten half! I found it a disgusting thought. As I walked on, I thought about it: ‘Do I find it a disgusting thought because Geo is a follower of Yeshua (Jesus) of the Bible and pork forbidden? Is pork really that awful? Am I not serious in wanting to have what Geo has when I eat pork? Am I cheating? Would I eat this pork if I were not with Geo?’

14 1-DSC_1107 picsart


I also thought: ‘Well, it is a fact that the meat of pigs is unhealthy. Maybe I should just eat these two sandwiches and not do it again. It is a shame to trow all that meat out.’ Pondering over why or why not kept on going for a few moments, then suddenly it hit me: ‘Because it is in the Bible, I should not eat it. That is enough reason. That is all the reason I need!’ I stopped and threw everything out!


My feet hurt. Reaching the bottle to drink means I need to get the backpack off my back. It is hot. I have not taken sufficient embroidery material with me to work with. The heavy DSLR camera is in my pack, disabling me to take photo’s. Yet I am sort of enjoying. It is not a full blown happiness.

15 1-DSC_0196 Picsart


1. 1-DSC_0108 Picsart

But what is? Are we ever full blown happy for more than a few countable moments?

I can catch those moments. The ones with Geo. The ones when being creative. Where revelations seep in. When contentment is to be felt. When being in place, surrounded by silence and nature. But also when connecting with others.

11 1-DSC_0069 picsart

11 1-DSC_0228-001 Picsart

It is not a revolting walk either. It is more of a savoring feeling of being away from all that I do not really need, all that I can do without.

I am active so I again can sleep like a rabbit in its deep dark hole.


16 1-DSC_0251 Picsart

Fourth insight: voluntary dependency makes weak.

On every little tour I went alone, I missed my husband. I would text or call him and start telling about my disfortunes. On your own there is not much benefit to complain but as soon as another person enters the stage, there is. The welfare now is that I might be ‘rescued’. But it did not happen! Thanks Geo…

12 1-DSC_0135-001 Picsart

It is restorative to be away from a house. To be away from society. To sleep above it. Opposite it. To watch the ant-like motility from far above.

Until the long steep downhill presents itself, toenail being blue already. Blister skin bubbling with expectations.

Fifth insight: an elfin escapism is mostly rewarding!

15 1-DSC_0188 Picsart

I am revived. Renewed. Not drained as I could be when being too long dragging on with the bicycle or being in the house too long. I am experiencing happiness after the walk, maybe more than on it?

I have been reset!

P.S. Next walk will be with other shoes, another camera set up, more embroidery material, different food and homemade snacks.

By Cindy

Years of traveling brought me many different insights, philosophies and countries I needed to be (over 90 in total). I lived in Pakistan, went over 15 times to India and when I stopped cycling the world, that was after 50.000 kilometer through 45 countries, I met Geo. Together we now try to be more self-sustainable, grow our own food and live off-grid. I now juggle with the logistics of being an old-fashioned housewife, cook and creative artist loving the outdoors. The pouches I create are for sale on

14 replies on “Elfin Escapism”

Hoi Ome Piet!! Dank je 😊❤

Hoe gaat het met je? Ik hoorde van pa dat je alweer op de fiets zit!

Ik hoop dat de knie weer doet wat hij hoort te doen. Zou fijn zijn.

Weet je dat mijn knie ook al begint te lijden. Ouderdom, oh oh 😫🤣

Groetjes aan Corry


Hi Angela,

How sweet of you to say that.

Well, recently I didn’t post much here. I wanted to refrain from sharing. And also, I noticed, I didn’t feel the need. With this short walk I felt the need though.

See it as a photo album with some explanation 😉

Glad you enjoy reading ❤

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From this hour I ordain myself loos’d of limits and imaginary lines,
Going where I list, my own master total and absolute,
Listening to others, considering well what they say,
Pausing, searching, receiving, contemplating,
Gently,but with undeniable will, divesting myself of the holds that would hold me.
I inhale great draughts of space,
The east and the west are mine, and the north and the south are mine.

I am larger, better than I thought,
I did not know I held so much goodness.

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Loving your reflections. Yes me too, once torn away from city and the familiar routines, I feel unexpectedly free. Free to open the eyes and take in all there is. Suddenly easy to be much more present. Like a breath of fresh air or seeing with fresh eyes. Ahh it’s a beautiful day. The thing is, as time passes that familiar tug – to return to…. safety of routine returns. Why is that? Happy travels.

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I think that tug to the more comfortable, known, routine and ‘safety’ might be because it is there. We know it exsist for he who has it.

For the one who has not such a return, he can not go. Unless he makes it his goal, like many people seek better circumstances abroad. Often to find out, it is not so much better…


Hoe lang heb je erover gedaan? Vind je fietsen leuker dan wandelen? Vraagt het een bepaalde techniek om met die Nordic stokken te stappen? Veel liefs! Leuk artikel mooi geschreven, Groet, Monique Verbeek


Hoi Monique,

leuk je hier te lezen! Ik hoop dat het goed gaat met je : )

Ik denk dat 5 nachten overnacht heb op die korte trek. Of 4? Waarschijnlijk 4 ja… Er is inderdaad een techniek met lopen met die Nordic stokken, maar daar hou ik me niet aan hoor. Ik gebruik het meer om evenwicht te verkrijgen. Met een zware backpack over smalle paadjes en rotsblokken, vind ik dat stokken een goede balans geven. Dit heb ik toendertijd geleerd in Nepal, ook geven stokken een goede oefening aan de armen, die er anders maar wat bijhangen ; )

Dank je voor je compliment. Of lopen leuker is, vraag je? Het zijn twee zo andere soort bewegingen. Met fietsen kom je verder en kan je meer meenemen. Lopen is natuurlijk zwaarder in alle opzichten. Met fietsen kom je, denk ik, veel verder, sneller en zie je nog steeds heel veel. Maar lopen kies ik nu, omdat ik fietsen beu ben. Fietsen in Spanje, heb ik gemerkt, geeft me erg weinig voldoening. Eigenlijk geen meer… dus vandaar. Natuurlijk is met de komst van Geo het een en ander veranderd. Ik mis hem gewoon, als ik te lang weg ben, dus sja… echt objectief kan ik niet zijn ; )

Zend je heeeeeeeeeeeeeel veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel liefs, lieve Monique

XXX Cinderella


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