Hungary Spain

Little Escapes

When cycling had stopped, the full outdoor lifestyle came to a halt as well. Yet desperately wanting to be out in nature there needed to be other outlets. That is not always easy to combine as the mindset has troubles adjusting: from a home base to try grasping that fleeting living-outside-having-no-home lifestyle. It has been some trying and searching, situations regularly and suddenly changed and having a steady base only recently, let’s see what’s in store.


The superior feelings of a cyclist over a public transport traveler

In my opinion, having traveled extensively by public transport as well, the journey on a bicycle is even more deep. Because it is slow, it let me experience the world on a very different level, one which is impossible to retrieve while transported by a vehicle, any vehicle that is. And because my moving is done by my very own efforts, I feel superior, but is that really reason to feel so, a not so beautiful characteristic, arrogantly?