Very often I ask myself the question ‘why?’ This is tiresome, but I need to ask it in order to understand the country and it’s people. I need to ask it myself in order to get answers. And so, now and then, when I allow myself, here comes a lengthy viewpoint of mine…

Midlife Criticus Thoughts from 2016*

Thoughts about Africa An ABC about the West Coast of Africa

India A to Z My findings about India

Why some guys better be castrated About cycling in Iran

Why traveling Thoughts from 2013

Only in Dutch:

Defenitie van ‘Apenland’? Mijn voormalige bazen maken me boos met hun vooroordelen

Het waarom fietsen Hoe ik er toe kwam om te gaan fietsen

Wat is het doel? Gedachten uit Nederland vlak voor ik vertrek

Het waarom Afrika Gedachten uit Nigeria

Waarom niet Nigeria? Afgekeurde publicatie voor fietsblad De Vakantiefietser

* written in Dutch and English

A few questionnaires about my thoughts with cyclists and travelers about a certain topic where they give their own view, can be read at Mirror View

Questions people asked me while cycling touring the world can be found in Questions

I'm curious to your view, leave a reply

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