The inheritance of solitude

I was inspired to work on this write-up after a very kind someone asked me several times to go by car and have beverages at a cafe in town, as ‘I needed a change of environment’. Soon after a second happening surprised me: the dependency of another very kind person’s expectations way beyond what has become my natural way of living.

It is not about a journey but the effects of a journey.
Interview Thoughts

Heike Pushbikegirl

Heike made a post where she asks 4 other experienced solo female cyclists about wild camping. Since we are lone women, many people think this is extra dangerous. But the truth is, it is not, at all. On the contrary.


Interview by Heike

Heike is a woman cycling from Germany in the direction of Japan. We met on internet and although she must be incredible busy as a cyclist, she has start interviewing solo woman cycling the world. Here’s the interview she did with me.