Numbers Middle East & Indian subcontinent


  • Visa: no visa required for Dutch citizen, one year free stay
  • Date: 20th of July to 25th of July and again 2nd of August to 13th of August 2013
  • Kilometers: 506 kilometers
  • Days of cycling: 7
  • Days of rest: 8, due to Iranian visa and waiting for airplane back to the Netherlands
  • Problems: none
  • Maintenance: cleaned and oiled chain once
  • Longest cycle day: 90 km
  • Highest altitude: 2473 meter on the way to Bakuriani
  • Lowest temperature while cycling: 7 degrees
  • Nights in tent: 2 nights in tent and 2 nights invited inside
  • Highest speed: 48.3 km per hour


  • Visa: no visa required for Dutch citizen
  • Date: 26th of July to 25th of July to 2nd of August 2013
  • Kilometers: 224.7 kilometers
  • Days of cycling: 4
  • Days of rest: 2
  • Problems: none
  • Maintenance: tightened spokes back wheel, cleaned and oiled chain once
  • Longest cycle day: 65 km
  • Highest altitude: 2150 meter on the way to Akhalkalaki
  • Lowest temperature while cycling: 17 degrees
  • Nights in tent: 1
  • Highest speed: 40 km per hour

Turkish Kurdistan

  • Visa at airport for €15. Valid for 6 months, multiple entree.
  • Date: 2th of September to 4th of October 2013
  • Kilometers: 368 kilometers
  • Days of cycling: 5
  • Days of rest: 2
  • Problems: twice a puncture in back wheel
  • Maintenance: nothing
  • Longest cycle day: 90 km
  • Highest altitude: 1071 meter onwards from Mardin
  • Lowest temperature while cycling: 27 degrees
  • Nights in hotel: 1 night
  • Nights Couch Surfing: 3
  • Nights at family/hospital: 3
  • Highest speed: 50 km per hour

Iraqi Kurdistan

  • Visa: easy to obtain at Ibrahim Khalil border. For free, valid for 15 days.
  • Date: 4th of October to 18th of October 2013
  • Kilometers: 388 kilometers
  • Days of cycling: 10
  • Days of rest: 4
  • Problems: none
  • Maintenance: cleaned chain once
  • Longest cycle day: 55 km
  • Highest altitude: 1721 meter towards Haji Omaran
  • Lowest temperature while cycling: 20 degrees
  • Nights in hotel: 7 nights
  • Nights at family: 6 nights
  • Highest speed: 60.5 km per hour


  • Visa: arranged through Touran Zamin well in advance. Picked visa up in Tbilisi, Georgia. I got a one month visa, single entry and could enter Iran within 3 months of the date of issue, but MAKE SURE NO HANDWRITTEN CHANGES ARE DONE BY THE CONSUL! I had the visa extended in Tabriz, a day before the end date, they would not extend a week earlier.
  • Date: 19th of October to 15th of December 2013
  • Kilometers:  2205 kilometers
  • Days of cycling: 30
  • Days of rest: 10 (plus 9 days of integrated holiday, 6 days of waiting for ferry to Dubai, 2 days public transport to arrange visa extension and 1 day on the train) Total days in Iran: 58.
  • Maintenance: cleaned chain three times, oiled it weekly
  • Longest cycle day:  127 km
  • Highest altitude: 2126 meter near Divanderreh, Kurdistan
  • Lowest temperature while cycling: 5 degrees
  • Nights in mosque: 2 nights
  • Nights in tent: 4 only
  • Highest speed: 64 km per hour

The Emirates

  • Visa: Stamp at arrival, 30 days for free
  • Date: 16th of December to 25th of December 2013
  • Kilometers: 403
  • Days of cycling: 5
  • Days of rest: 4
  • Problems: none
  • Maintenance: none
  • Longest cycle day: 114 kilometers
  • Lowest temperature while cycling: 25 degrees
  • Nights in tent: 2
  • Nights at Couch Surfing: 7

Visit to the Netherlands, and on to:

The Emirates II

  • Visa: Stamp at arrival, 30 days for free
  • Date: 12th of February to 18th of February 2014
  • Kilometers: 130
  • Days of cycling: 2.5
  • Days of not cycling: 6
  • Problems: none
  • Maintenance: cleaned, oiled and turned the chain
  • Longest cycle day: 80 kilometers
  • Lowest temperature while cycling: 25 degrees, extreme windy
  • Nights in tent: 2
  • Nights at Couch Surfing: 4


  • Visa: Stamp at arrival, 21 days for free
  • Date: 18th of February to 10th of March 2014
  • Kilometers: 909
  • Days of cycling: 20
  • Days of rest: 5
  • Problems: 2 little rips in tent, 3 punctures mattress, 6 punctures (3 back, 3 front), and the bottle cage broke down
  • Maintenance: none
  • Longest cycle day: 83 kilometers
  • Maximum speed: 61 kilometer an hour
  • Highest temperature while cycling: 32 degrees
  • Nights in tent: ALL, except when staying in Muscat to arrange Indian visa and cargo bicycle
  • Nights at Couch Surfing: 7



  • Visa: I have obtained the visa in Muscat, Oman. With exception I got a 6 months multiple entrée…
  • Date: 10th of March to 20th of July 2014 (then I had to rush back home again for family matters)
  • Kilometers: 3453 kilometer from Cochin to Delhi and 636 kilometer Spiti & Lahaul (4090 km. total)
  • Days of cycling: 49 days and 18 days in the Himalaya
  • Days of rest: 43 days of rest against 3 days in the Himalaya
  • Problems: 4 punctures in the back, 3 punctures in front, stand broken, key of lock broken, blood blister between legs, huge blister on bum, back brake stuck, sunglasses broken. Strange kind of stomach pain (appeared to be amoebas), and twice an occasional splash of diarrhea. Oh, and the chain wore out (after another 10.000 kilometer though)
  • Maintenance: 5 x cleaned the chain, turned it once. Changed the back tire to the front, new inner tube front, new back tire, oiled the Rohloff hub. Repaired two holes in Ortlieb bag, turned Rohloff sprocket, renewed Multifuel cotton-pad, renewed brake pads in front (back brake is not working anymore)
  • Longest cycle day: 109 kilometer
  • Shortest cycle day: 8.31 kilometer when I did not want to wait for the bus, instead tried to climb the Thorung La myself, without food, without map, without rain gear nor sunglasses, and without working brakes…
  • Lowest temperature: 10 degrees in July Himalaya
  • Highest temperature while cycling: 53 degrees in June, Delhi
  • Highest altitude: 4551 meter at Kunzum La
  • Nights in tent: 11 nights in the Himalaya and 1 failed attempt at a lodge in Bundi to avoid the heat (was even more hot!), once camped in the room to protects against mosquito’s

Ninja Tool

Europe 2014

  • Kilometers: 2600
  • Longest cycle day: 150 kilometer
  • Longest number of hours in the saddle: almost 9
  • Days without washing myself: 9
  • Lowest temperature: 10 degrees
  • Nights in tent: all
  • Remarkable: surrounded by a group of grunting wild swines and my tent used as a horde by a deer

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