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Build a Hobo

How to make a hobo stove

When stoves break down, often exactly when you really need them, it has you think: ‘This is not the time for you to break down’. 


Review Optimus Svea 123


I am was quite fully satisfied with the Svea 123. I even use it in hotel rooms, though I am very careful not to spill fuel and always put a folded windscreen underneath the stove as not to burn the hotel down.


Recipes for the Road (easy cooking)

In my opinion food is an essential part of life, whether I am on a bicycle or not. Being a cyclist doesn’t mean that food has to be gobbled down, nor that it must be a fleeting, simple meal just to fill the tummy. I will not rapidly exchange extra kilometers for a quick meal. On the contrary: I will stop earlier to cook more elaborate. Yet, most recipes are easy.