Spain Thoughts

Positives of living in a truck

Now, just have a look how homely and fantastic the inside of a truck can be! Without planning, drawing nor measuring Geo has built us quite an amazing home. The ideal mix between a tent and a house.


The World’s Different

‘When you are too long on your own, chances are you might get weird. However much I am a loner, I too need others to mirror myself with.’


The Building of a Tiny House on Wheels

From traveling the vastness of the earth by public transport to a bicycle came to me as a flash. I got myself a bicycle and I cycled over 5 years nearly constantly, through more than 40 countries, a total of close to 50.000 kilometers.

Creativity Thoughts

Truck Living

From a bicycle to a truck. The ‘Cycling Cindy’ blog continues, the only difference is a bunch of extra wheels. For all who is interested in living a different lifestyle, and for those who want to be inspired or see the landscapes where the truck will come to a halt, stay tuned.