Bicycle Traveler

Have you heard of the online magazine from Grace? It is a free magazine about cycling touring where she features people who are on the road, people with stories, tips and idea’s and beautiful photographs. A source of inspiration and a good read. I’m proud to announce that Grace featured me. Grace used a photo I made from one of the best cycling experiences I had.

Bicycle touring in India.

Grace has put tremendous effort in each magazine and I can only guess how much that really is, as a simple blog like mine is already A LOT of work. Thank you Grace, it is an honour to be in your magazine.

Download here a FREE copy

The blog post Grace found my photo in is here

Enjoy the FREE Bicycle Traveler Magazine : )

6 responses to “Bicycle Traveler

  1. Hi Cindy,

    Thanks for posting about the magazine!

    I will be promoting this edition after we get all of the newsletters out.

    Unfortunately not all of the newsletter e-mails have been sent yet due to some ‘gezeik’ with our internet host and an e-mail server. Hopefully we’ll get the problem solved soon.




    • Hi Grace,

      It seems something is wrong, or not working properly, indeed. Your message has some funny characters.

      I can only imagine how much work this is for you.

      Do you put this whole magazine together yourself?

      Compliments once again to you. Great work. Much greetings from Germany.



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