Update: Views You Never See

Meet Alex Chacon

What you never see in my blog posts you see now on Alex’s YouTube channel.

I have cycled the most famous, or notorious, Paraguayan highway ‘Trans Chaco’ twice and loved it, despite the ongoing of fences. The spaciousness and absence of anything much attracted me, especially when going off-road but there are things you never ever see in my blog.


The continuous nothingness is something I can not catch in a photograph.




The openness from a low human level does not show much.




The time spend on an original selfie is something you do not see either.



The onslaught of mosquitoes as soon as I stop is not experienced by a reader.


The effort to find a camp spot in a country sealed with fences is something you can only guess at.


In my photographs I show details and views and flat faces, never the Paraguay which is alive, with its mundane gas stations, people watching me, nor the simple transactions as payments or changing into a rain jacket.



Heat, stuffiness, the absurdity, humidity and the absence of hotel rooms and showers is something not to be witnessed in Alex video, yet recognized by all who have cycled in conditions rather abnormal.




All of this is caught in Alex’s video. He even goes so far as to use a drone and this took him an hour of driving his gigantic motorbike while at the same time handling the drone, and what you see there is spectacular.





Meet Alex, a young fresh clean world traveler who left everything behind and choose the world as his home. Driving the earth for many years, he can be called a professional traveler.


Meeting with Geo had me sitting at the back of a Chinese off-road motorbike, traversing the same routes, the same endless distances where not much changes and so it happened Geo and I met with Alex.

See here how Alex portrays the moving Paraguay.

6 responses to “Update: Views You Never See

  1. Love the photos and hearing about things we don’t see, or couldn’t experience unless we were there at the same moment with you. 🙂
    After seeing the photo of you all covered in a Blue wrap, (bandanna) and your comment on the bugs we can’t see. I recalled, while doing some research on clothes for hiking, that some online forums told outdoor enthusiast to avoid specifically the color Blue, because it attracted more insects than other colors. I also did a short tour,(3000kil) bought oranges, and would save the peelings in a ziplock bag to use as a repellent instead of carrying extra bug repellent with me, and would use the peals to rub on myself if I felt the need when stopped for long breaks or overnight. I would love to hear your thoughts and to thank you for sharing your experiences with a lot of us that have aspirations to get out on tours, but not the knowledge you have from doing so many.
    Many thanks,


    • Hi Robert,

      I did not know that about blue colors. If I knew I would certainly not have bought a blue T-shirt to cycle in. And actually, I wear a lot of blue in general while cycling, as you can see. And in the beginning I used repellent but stopped that soon as it is too expensive and I needed to use a lot. Then I just had the mosquitoes bite me. In the evenings I would burn those stinking insence spirals and somehow it seemed that without moving too much the mosquitoes stop bothering me.

      Glad you enjoy reading my blog. Thank you too : ))


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