Iranian Interview

A very funny interview on an unexpected day. Anything can happen in Iran. Read how they interpret two solo cyclists, not in any other relationship than JUST FRIENDS!


This handwriting indicates my own comment, read what I have to add and think about the change of thoughts… The interview may sound weird but I think it’s translated straight from Farsi so at times it sound really funny. Enjoy:

Hftkl News interview with Australian couples:

Western media have created another image from

Persia / Iran felt safe everywhere

Hftkl News: Australian couples who are Touring bikes are crossing our cities were Hftkl city. News reporter seized the opportunity and arranged an interview with the singing is not unpleasant.

Hftkl Morning News reported Tuesday the five Persian date Azar 92, two Australian tourists were Hftkly away. Smiling and seemed Qbraq. Forget the boredom and wonder of hospitality and welcoming people of this country origin whose power would look.

The men and women of Australia to Turkey, and from there came to Iran and later Touring bikes themselves were Hftkl today. Hftkl News correspondent seized the opportunity and using an interpreter, the building will have an interview with them. After breakfast (which was paid for after the interview. Something Darryl and I were surprised with because the previous evening our dinner was also paid for at this same restaurant.) spend the entire Iranian reporter will be invited to the table and the two tourists, cyclists, accept our invitation: there was another reporter from another newspaper who was so hasty that he did not want to wait for Darryl and me to finish breakfast and start shooting us while eating. If there’s something I don’t like it is being threaded like a monkey in a zoo, and so I made sure this reporter would have not a single good shot of me.

We welcome the start of the interview  Iran and Hftkl also welcome.

Thank you. We all love really glad


How many days are you riding?

A week that Iran had entered the country from different towns we pass through  we were at least 4 weeks in Iran before coming to Haftgel

What is your purpose of travel by bicycle? Why not get as many tourists moving bus?

We want to get to know people from different cultures. Visiting people and communicating with them is more interesting for us. Cycling can see everything up close and understanding was better.

What do you think about Iran?

I can say without exaggeration. You have a beautiful country. Your nature is pristine. Really enjoyed.

Do not worry about the difficulties and potential pitfalls are not you?

With everything we have. In our baggage, including first aid supplies, tools and personal items there. Do not worry about it.

This is the first time you go to Iran?

No, we have about 5 years ago, we had come to Iran and the other cities we visited .

What is the deal with you?

What was interesting for me and my wife (Wife? We never gave any idea I was Darryl’s wife, just a friend. But being friends in Iran is a bit not done so I reckon they made us husband and wife instead), it was the warmth and friendliness of our people. In other countries there is no such thing (Not our words! We had said Iranian people are not to compare with Europeans if it come to hospitality. Iranians are indeed very caring and hospital but all the other countries surrounding Iran are too!). You ‘re so attentive.


What about your wife’s mind?

His wife replies: Iranian news I’ve ever observed. Unfortunately, it looks like you have made in the Western media, it is very different from what we see today. I absolutely do not accept the news . What I have said was that I never watch any news so whatever is said about Iran doesn’t bother me in terms of being worried. Usually news is only a very small -negative- part of the reality.

Along the way, how was your security? Someone was harassing you?

Absolutely not. There is great security and confidence of all the towns we passed through. Those who say there is no security lie. We ‘ve felt peace in this country. This was Darryl’s answer. They did not ask me and I did not wanted to force my opinion when not being asked for. However, security is great and I felt safe on the whole.



How old are you?

I have 58 years and wife of 41 years (men who had learned our custom board turns and laughs)

How many children do you have?

We have a daughter. 15 years old. Uh… Darryl has a daughter, not Darryl ánd me!

Where is it?

New Zealand

How do you communicate with him?

We communicate via Skype. So funny, referring to a daughter as ‘it’ and ‘him’

When you speak with him, what do you attribute here? What do you say?

She and other families that we communicate well on their journey to say. Iran has many attractions. There is good historical artifacts representing thousands of years of civilization. It was always frowned upon we did not visit the historic places like Shiraz, Esfahan and Persepolis. Just cycling through the hills was useless for many…


After departing Hftkl what city are you?

He looks at the map and shows RAMHORMOZ then says Bushehr RAMHORMOZ is our destination .

B : How was Iran?

Persian laugh and say: omelet. Have a delicious meal. Enjoyed. We took a double breakfast of 2 kebab, bread and 4 eggs.

What do you have in your baggage?

Everything. Bedroom suites ranging from bicycle repair facilities and are equipped with almost everything had to be brought along. That is: me. Darryl had nothing brought with him, since he only cycles for a few weeks. The reporter asked Darryl all the questions and Darryl answered for both of us, as much as he could.


The last word…

We thank you. We really had a good time. You people are peace loving and kind. Thank you for being such a reception.

Thanks to the hard work of Mr. Sayed Yaqub Mousavi served as translator for this interview

A very kind and patient man, I still keep contact with Yacob and wish him a good career.


A big thanks to the reporter of Hafgel news too, Javad Norouzi, since he was so patient to let us finish our breakfast (one of the few peaceful moments in a day of a cyclist) I found him very kind and he did his job so well. Compliments! I liked this unexpected start of the day : )


By Cindy

Years of traveling brought me many different insights, philosophies and countries I needed to be (over 90 in total). I lived in Pakistan, went over 15 times to India and when I stopped cycling the world, that was after 50.000 kilometer through 45 countries, I met Geo. Together we now try to be more self-sustainable, grow our own food and live off-grid. I now juggle with the logistics of being an old-fashioned housewife, cook and creative artist loving the outdoors. The pouches I create are for sale on

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