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Short Update

Being a traveler, it costs to have your “home” with you. I gladly undertook this fast travel, if only for one reason (failure in doing so).

A very short update about the Iveco truck which Geo and I fetched from Spain. In times like these, we´d waited for long to get this done. Mobile diary notes with Instagram snapshots on my creative weblog. 5 days of driving an overloaded truck through 5 countries, how´s that on the pshyche of one who passionately dislikes cars?


By Cindy

Years of traveling brought me many different insights, philosophies and countries I needed to be (over 90 in total). I lived in Pakistan, went over 15 times to India and when I stopped cycling the world, that was after 50.000 kilometer through 45 countries, I met Geo. Together we now try to be more self-sustainable, grow our own food and live off-grid. I now juggle with the logistics of being an old-fashioned housewife, cook and creative artist loving the outdoors. The pouches I create are for sale on

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Ah, yeah, I was again making the mistake to write down what I wrote in those very moments. It is a diary-post. So, I wrote on my phone how I felt, while sitting in the truck. When I was content and fine, I did not feel the need to write. When we were in our 6th day, I actually liked it. And ooking back, I would do it again. It was actually quite nice because you are out of the normal, together, and thus very close togetherness comes forth. I was truly out of my comfortzone! And that is sometimes very good.

How are you? Are you able to move around a bit? Greetings from here, Cindy

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Ah yes I know and love that timeless feeling… having thrown or left all the usual routines and responsibilities behind you. It is good you wrote about it and I too have a reluctance to leave but once I break away I get that sense of freedom and peace. It is important to break away, it gives different perspectives.
Much peace

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Yes indeed, the routines and comfort of home and then the freedom of dropping routines and living more in the present flowing with what is and just what you need to do just then which is usually very simple. And, of course the discovery of new places and new people sharing experiences and ideas…. it’s all good.


When I go for a tour, here in Hunagry, I am very unlikely to meet people. I am actually not in for meeting anyone, but deers. It is fantastic to sleep among deer barking upsetting because I have invaded their space…. poor guys…

Its funny, when on a 5 year tour, I loved to spend some time in someone’s house. Now, it is the opposite. I imagine, the thing which is prevalent in ones live is pulling the most. I guess that is how life works.

Its actually rather logic.

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Hi again, as far as I know, or remember correctly, foxes do make a sound, when alarmed, a very distinct sound. Sort of barking/bleeting, short pushes of sounds. But that is only from a long time ago remembering.

Deer do bark, very clearly, when alarmed. They also make very loud sounds when rutting, almost like the sound of cows in distress.

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Hi, I dislike to admit it but your name does not stick to me, that is also because your website does not carry your name, sorry…

Oh yes, have we found ourselves a little slice of heaven. Truly wonderful. Thank you for showing interest : ))

We have been working round the clock, except Saturday’s and it is truly fantastic to finally work so hard!

Today I almost fell asleep walking, so tired I was from working. So, I decided to relax instead. Preparing the last USA post does the trick.

How are you? Did you travel near to your home? Do you have free standing house in nature as well?

Greetings Cindy

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Regarding moving no we are locked down even more because the covid cases were really skyrocketing. We can only go out for an hour and no more than 5km. People want to get together and unfortunately that is the highest risk of spreading it. It drives me nuts because we are locked away but mining and property developers can work. What is that?! I think the politicians are definitely abusing the situation. They are handing out billions to corporations in the name of rebuilding the economy. It is really screwed up. Health wise I am doing projects around the house and staying away from people so my risks I think are reasonably minimal.


When I was in Africa, at a point where 3 countries met, I did a hike to a mountain top. I was with 3 friends, one French and he could translate what was being said when someone argued that we were in a national park without having the permit, which we should have gotten in the capital. It was an offense, according the man. That there was mining going on, on that very same mountain, in the national park, was not bothering anyone. This, in my opinion, is the case around the virus.

When listening to Mike Love’s music (not the Beach Boy guys, but the rastafarian from Hawaii) I can say he nails it. Especially the song ‘Babylon Control’.

Have a good day, pleasant being busy around the house. Greetings Cindy

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It is not an any album, I found the song via YouTube. Although I hardly use YouTube, I did so on the camp ground in Florida (next post) since they had WiFi. I believe in Corona times Mike got fed up with the system, again, and sung this song over again. It’s absolutely fantastic. But only on YouTube, on his channel.

If you are in to Mike, you’ll love this one! Funny, you like him too : )

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