1-DSC_0274-001 Picsart Vignette Crisp

Some of the purses, cases and wallets took me months to complete, others weeks, a few only hours. The pouches are made from fabrics I have bought along my extensive travels, whereas the techniques I use derives from local practices. I get inspired by what I see on my travels, usually natural shapes like leaves and I apply local enhancements which sometimes I learn from the locals. These pouches are often made while I am on the road, and they have one big common factor: each one is incomparable to another. What you will buy is unique.

Colorful Incomparable Pouches

I am intrigued by embroidery techniques, maybe because of the amount of time is spend on each item, which is unheard of nowadays, as most products are made quick and innumerable.

I prefer to use natural fabrics such as hemp cotton, silk and mixtures with cotton.

I have studied textile crafts, sewing, advertising design, decorative techniques (painting) and fashion design. The start of embroidery came about when I was cycling the world and needed time to reflect.

Soon to come:

1-DSC_0833 Picsart

Sturdy Outdoor Support

Simple designs handy to take with you on your outdoor activity. I have travelled a great deal, and these designs came forth from it. You could say it are my desired items to have and so I made them myself, rather than buying something anew which was just not right to me. I hope these designs will fit you too.

When you see a design you like but the measurments are not quite right, write me a note and I can make it your desired. Contact me here.