Off-road apprentice

Off road is where the bounties are. I’m not talking about the most stunning camp spots, but about edibles. Now, I am figuring out what to eat off road.

You might have expected something else when reading the title. I’m sorry… don’t dash this page because it has a lot of energy for you, a cyclist!

off-road – /ɒfˈrəʊd/ ‘away from the road; on rough terrain’, that is where I focus on now.

In case you stumbled on this page and want to know a bit more about this ‘off-road apprentice’, I suggest you start here

I think we all need more beauty to surround us with CINDYneedleart (to take with you on your ride)

Off-Road Apprentice

My very first ride, cycling through West Africa, I met with two Irish brothers. One of them was fascinated by cultivating soil. I had no interest in that, as long as I could eat veggies it was enough for me. Years later, still the same cycling journey, I was hosted by a couple in Patagonia who’d built a greenhouse. By then I was much more interested in growing vegetables, or, as they did, accommodate ginger in the warmth of Patagonian short summers.

And now I am fully into the magical process of sowing, growing and learning the natural. I am afraid it will keep me longer off the road than I want to. This is not about greenhouse cultivation but about little extra’s with great benefits you can gain while cycle touring.

So, I am into new things and the new things I am into might profit you as a cyclist as well. It has still all to do with nature, there where you cycle through and past and in my case, had no knowledge neither a clue about. I still have extremely little knowledge but am super eager to change that. The findings I do will be listed below.

I hope to inspire you, to hop off the bicycle, standing still, checking out the place you are in and searching for a plant or a place to camp while you’re at it, makes you much more realize and truly see where you are.

How to dry goldenrod (for tea)

This hot herbal tea is simply tasting good, though it will act as a diuretic and antiseptic for treating mild bladder infections. More…

Goldenrod corn bread

Simply another sort of bread, just to add more variety. Sweet and a surprisingly good way to use yet more goldenrod. More…

Goldenrod infused honey

Goldenrod has anti-inflammatory benefits, yet the wonderful taste is reason enough to use this weed in a honey. More…

Goldenrod syrup

A syrup to relieve a cough in the colder months, though I use it in sparkling water and as a substitute for expensive maple syrup. More…

Nettle syrup

Nettle syrup is so delicious that you just want to drink cold drinks. For a teetotaler this is a nice change in hot sweaty summer days. More…

Nettle leaf powder

Nettle, is that a super-food or not? It tastes super and it is healthy: green leaves that cleanse the body. Easy to make at home & bring on the ride More…

Dandelion root drink

Dandelions are highly nutritious, being especially rich in potassium, iron, calcium, vitamins A and C and other minerals. Drink it as a coffee or tea. More…

Carob powder

Carob, that remarkable and large pod hanging on trees is super-food packed with antioxidants. John the baptist knew this, now I do too. More…

Southwest Balaton Tour

There need to be an opposite to enjoy comfort. That I have, plus I am jobless in my veggie garden, so time to work out and meet some cold.

Swimming against the current

A year of new, the beginning of permaculture and its results. It wore me out and at the same time I am overwhelmed by the results.


The pleasures of beauty. But what is beauty? That what feeds the eye and the mind, especially when it is done by one self. But that is my humble reasoning.

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Cycling Cindy remains about cycling/kickbike activities, but now and then also about creative usage of plants and roots.

A short update from the here and now (the time has come to learn new practises, to find out how to grow, how to sustain and how to keep living the outdoor lifestyle).

The little Dutch farmer (starting anew, not just passing through in the best season, but staying, growing and nurturing in ways new to me (us). How is it to learn that what our grandparents did on a daily basis?).

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