About Me

I’m  Dutch, born in 1972, and love adventure in the form of traveling and diving deeper and deeper into this beautiful place called Earth.

As a little girl I liked nothing more than building huts, following arrows chalked on the ground, painting, queerly dressing up, playing outside and discovering all what’s surrounding me, often resulting in me being lost and bruised but shining with new observations. Nothing has changed ever since.

On holidays my parents hung a little green army backpack over my tiny shoulders and off we were, on the hills in Austria, finding our way between grazing cows, all the while thinking about the banana in my backpack, until I forgot about it, being dipped in the nature and it’s beauties.

I studied art (drawing and painting for advertising design) and fashion design. Those were 6 great years in Antwerp, Belgium. I managed to work 3 years as a photographer before I realized this was not it for me…

My desire to wander into the vast world, has never changed. It has always been my dream to travel, to admire, the be in awe by nature, to witness, to find out, not to start a family nor being a mother, neither being confined to one space. Restless? Perhaps. For many years I took public transport until I noticed what I missed out on, and after having been to many countries, I started to save money for a new adventure: riding the world on a bicycle.

I haven’t had one minute of regret, for me this is the ultimate way of traveling. Slow enough to plunge in the countries atmosphere, fast enough to make a decent amount of kilometers. Definitely not the easiest, but far out the most rewarding!


Contact me by a-mail: servranckx2002@yahoo.com

My creativity is to see on this website: www.nomadicreation.wordpress.com


Ik ben Nederlands, geboren in 1972 en kan maar niet genoeg krijgen van reizen, van steeds verder en dieper in deze prachtige wereld duiken.

Als klein meisje hield ik er al van om hutten te bouwen, pijlen te volgen, verven, mezelf gek verkleden, buiten spelen en ontdekken wat er nu eigenlijk allemaal om mij heen is, steeds wat verder, tot ik weer eens verdwaalde, de tijd uit het zicht verloor, en vervuild terug keerde. Maar altijd met nieuwe ontdekkingen en glimmend van trots. Eigenlijk is er niets veranderd.

Op vakanties namen mijn ouders me mee uit wandelen, met een klein groen rugzakje uit een legercollectie over mijn schoudertjes. Een banaantje erin, dat ik helemaal vergat op te eten tot het er geprakt uit kwam, ondergedompeld zijnde in de pracht van de natuur en de koeien waardoorheen we wandelde.

Ik heb gestudeerd in Antwerpen. Publicitaire Vormgeving en mode ontwerpen, zes geweldige jaren in Antwerpen, België. Daarna is het me gelukt om er drie jaren als fotograaf aan vast te plakken en daarna ontdekte ik: ik wil meer dan dit.

Nog altijd doe ik de dingen die ik als kind deed, alleen nu op grotere schaal. De wereld ontdekken, aanschouwen, voelen, te weten komen, zien. Ik kan onmogelijk alles ontdekken maar thuis zitten, een gezin hebben en moeder worden, heb ik nooit gewild. Een beperkte ruimte is niet aan mij besteed, ik wil de wereld voelen! Jarenlang nam ik openbaar vervoer tot ik ineens inzag dat fietsen beter bij mij zou passen. Ik ben weer gaan sparen en opnieuw het avontuur aangegaan.

Ik heb er geen seconde spijt van gehad, fietsen is dé manier van reizen voor mij. Langzaam genoeg om de sfeer van het land tot je te nemen en snel genoeg om afstand te maken. Niet altijd de makkelijkste, wel de meest voldoening gevende.


Mijn e-mail adres: servranckx2002@yahoo.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/cinderella.servranckx

Mijn creatieve kant is hier te ontdekken: www.nomadicreation.wordpress.com

Desert, Western Sahara

The freedom while cycling is great, here I choose a campspot in, Oman

Camp in Oman, very near the capital Muscat

27 responses to “About Me

  1. Hoi Cinderella en Steve,
    We zijn gisteren teruggekomen vanuit een zonnig en warm Frankrijk in een kil en regenachtig Nederland. Dat is even wennen. We hebben tijdens onze vakantie je reis grotendeels kunnen volgen, maar hadden (net als jij) last van de slechte internetverbindingen op de campings waar we waren.

    Goed dat je al een stuk in Spanje bent. Complimenten. Je OK meldingen komen goed binnen. Fijn om je zo te volgen.
    Goed dat de ‘campingbrief’ werkt en je gratis of met korting mag kamperen.

    Groetjes aan Steve en geniet van je reis.

    Jacques en Marijke


  2. Hey jeep it strong May gid help You to do YOUR Dream and May god help You to make the wold keader’s to hear YOUR message.im santos from Guine-Bissau a City of Bambadinca on East side of bissau Near Bafatá, all the Best happy New year dear. Bless. Ps: i Got a news about You from GORA


  3. Hi Cindy to insert the button of google translator of the first to open a new page on your blog as you did for the pages “blog”, “about me”, etc.. this is done you can copy this link and insierirlo the new page created.


    if you want to get an idea of ​​how it is to go see my blog: http://www.ginnasticanaturale.it

    I don’t understand Oland language and so I read only some text in your blog.
    I work in Italy but I work also in Africa in RD Congo with former child soldier i a project called “war game! no more”.
    I hope are useful to you my advice on the translator button.
    ciao Nicola


  4. Hey Cindy 🙂 Thought I’d let you know that my house has now sold. Yippee. So I have bought a set of bright yellow front and rear Ortlieb panniers to go on my touring bicycle, and am ready to hit the road. My “plans” have become much more simple. I am just going to live in a tent near my work in May and June until I can ride away in July. No plans other than to head north here in Australia while the weather is cool. Then who knows … After toying with the idea of being a motorbike tourer or doing some epic long hike I’ve decided to just get on my bicycle and see where the road takes me. Slow, steady and enjoying life 🙂 🙂

    Last night was my last night living in my house. For the next three nights I will stay with family and friends. Then on Thursday I am going camping and hiking with my parents for 10 days. By the time I get home my pannier bags will have arrived and I’ll be ready to find a nice place to camp for a little while 🙂

    Am so excited! It will be an adjustment and I am sure there are perils to life on the road but I am just so excited to join the cycling nomads


    • Hi Andrew,

      No wonder you are excited! Man, I would be nervous and excited and everything else, all at the same time! What you are up to in quite drastic. It seems you changed your whole life style! I bet this is way better though : )

      I admire your guts Andrew!

      You say you are going to camp next to your work, but what is your work and what about it when you will change to the nomad on bicycle?

      Oh man! What an adventure, people will think you’re crazy, but that’s because they lack what you obviously know, and they not ; ) I admire you!

      Keep me updated please! And I agree, your new view on things is the way to go: no planning is the best.

      See me here, I fell in love…. I have a clue where my road is soon leading to but a life without traveling is not possible for me. I love to be this nomad for ever. The problem with it is, that once you have drowned into this style of living, you can not go back. The living in nature and the lack of pressure and the knowledge that being is far more important than having is heavenly.

      I hope I can always hold on to this! And you Andrew, you are going to taste it, fully and at once! Be healthy, strong and enjoy every minute of it, even if you don’t at times : )



      • Hey Cindy 🙂
        Oh yes I am definitely feeling nervous, excited, a little scared and absolutely happy all at once. Haha. I think that’s what makes change so fantastic. Facing all these feelings and trusting that everything will be ok.

        I will be staying for a while at Stradbroke Island for most of May and June, which is an island about 25 minutes by ferry (pedestrians only) or 45 minute by by barge (for bicycles, cars and pedestrians) from a suburb called Cleveland. From Cleveland it is 26km to my work. So I won’t be right next door but I will be close enough. I can only camp at the island for 6 weeks at a time so I will also spend a few weeks at a place called Jacob’s Well, which is about 30km from my work.

        I am a course author for an eLearning company. I am one of the senior managers here and am responsible for my company’s product development. My job is one that I can do from anywhere so long as I have a laptop or tablet and internet access. From July until November I will still have to work 4 days a week but it can be any 4 days and can be from anywhere. This means I will still have an income and also a reason to travel slowly. After November, I will have to work about 120-140 days a year or 10-12 days a month. After November I will also cease being a manager and will simplify my work role to being a senior course author. I think this will suit me well because it means I will have a sustainable lifestyle change where I can still save some money for a rainy day. I enjoy my work (but I don’t like being in an office) and my work appreciate my skills. So this will work quite well for everyone.


      • I think your look on life is great and many people could learn from it. You completely changed it all. That takes a lot of courage. Most people stick to security which is, as you know, never sure. No such thing as security!

        The ‘problem’ is more that when you start doing what you love or dream of, you can’t go back. Oh Andrew, it’s just incredible, cycling life and I say that even though I can’t camp anymore.

        Cycling past these oases of agriculture lands in India and NO chance of camping. That sucks : ) but on the other hand, a brand new lodge of €4 a night is not bad either ; )

        Enjoy the roller coaster of emotions! I admire you! Be well, Cindy


  5. We met Cindy in France a few years ago, and cant believe she is still out there riding her bike !!!! Our son and his wife left UK 11 years ago on motor bikes and have travelled the world, like Cindy, they have met some fantastic people in amazing countries..he says if you have a dream..follow it, don’t wait till you have the money, or retirement…DO IT NOW…….www.2ridetheworld.com……good luck Cindy keep on enjoying life.x x Janis and Keith


  6. Hello Cindy was a great pleasure to know it here in Brazil, we found by accident on the highway SP-270 pedaling between Ourinhos and Salto Grande, you were very friendly drew up pictures with agent… here’s my strong embrace and good!!!


    • Hi Ricardinho, great you found my blog. Soon Brazil will be online too. I like it here a lot. A very relaxed country. I must confess I avoid big cities and hotels though. It was good meeting you guys 😊


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  8. Hi cindy. it is been a long time since i met you in my town. i hope you are doing okay and keep chasing your dreams and overcome all the obstacles you face. im Doli, i met you back in Bukittinggi-West Sumatera. i was a curious teen who happen to met you that friday and saying hi. guide you to walk arround the town (barely all of them) and have an awkward chit chat with you since i could not speak english so well that time. but, you are so kind that you always replied my message or comment(s) on facebook. i am so gratefull to meet you, and i hope you are doing well. i wish i could meet you again in my home town, and im sure i will bring new ideas to you.
    Yolanda, Doli.


    • Dear Doli, I remember you spoke English well! I didn’t like Indonesia much but you were so refreshing. You stood out most on my stay in Indonesia (only a week or two and then I headed back to India again, if I remember well?) How are you? What are you studying? I hope to return to Indonesia to give it a much better chance to discover. I’m sure I like it outside the tourist towns 😊 Much regards and keep in touch.


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