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Positives of living in a truck

Now, just have a look how homely and fantastic the inside of a truck can be! Without planning, drawing nor measuring Geo has built us quite an amazing home. The ideal mix between a tent and a house.

done 1-DSC_0976 Picsart

done 1-DSC_0433

We have not traveled much with the truck. Instead of doing that we did something else. But when we traveled through Spain, we noticed that driving such a vehicle is not stress-free!

done 1-DSC_1045-001

For Geo, he needs to pay extreme attention as people walk right in front of it while maneuvering. Since we are slow, supersonic new trucks on the highway passes us with ferocious speed. And a truck needs space to be able to make turns.



For me it is stressful since I am not used to speed at all and everything to do with traffic and vehicles is eating energy. But once the truck has been parked, oh boy! We got ourselves a heavenly little house on wheels. I even went so far as to adorn the interior with Chinese plastic kitsch lavender

done 10-69381559_484350672384912_1701515800424218624_n

Going out of congested parts of Spain, into parts with more space, people don’t seem to mind a truck standing for some time somewhere.

done 1-DSC_0674

A very small living space which is heated with a few small branches of collected wood is simply a delight. With two people in a truck it is as romantic as it can be confined.

d 1-DSC_1016

done 1-DSC_0219 (2)

It is truly cozy and intimate to have one small common favorite area. Yet, when one wants to be alone, one must be inventive. Not so much when it is summer but especially when it is cold, rainy and uninviting outside.

d 1-DSC_0504 (2)

We bury our cooled down ashes. We take dirt collected around the truck with us.

The old, unattended outlook of the truck does certainly not attract suspicious persons nor gives off a clue that it is a RV. Geo does dedicate much effort to have the appearance cleaner.

1-DSC_0912 Picsart

1-DSC_0914 Picsart

A truck is really neat! It suits me. It does not confine me as a house does. I find a truck is not to compare with a RV or mobile home. It is comfortable, and the huge kitchen is a pleasure to cook in. The view from the large window is an awesome feature. Geo has made the interior of the truck according both our taste and I feel it is my home. Simple. Sufficient. Finished.

done 1-DSC_1022 picsart

done 13-68752938_473293196858805_6100146714843283456_n

1-DSC_1003 Picassa

Since I own little (and Geo owns little too), it fits easily in the truck. Geo made me what I wanted, and so I have a bookshelf too. The removable shelf is made to close the gap in between the drawers under the bed.

done 21-69245938_389443788439323_2775820776241102848_n

Since my demands are low, they are exceeded in comparison to a tent yet not surpassed in general.

Shoe rack.

done 14-68860911_452801808644581_312260683813093376_n

Kitchen is big, spacious and its a pleasure cooking in here.

done 05-69273239_920019641724113_5850020021526331392_n

done 24-69274548_370883796911256_4115145450632249344_n

There’s a rack with all the spices I like to have (and use).

done 1-DSC_1023 picsart

There is a collapsable table, an extension of the kitchen working surface. Can function as my little atelier, sewing machine works on solar power.

done 20-68801960_389550921699841_2969113331266224128_n

When we need warmth, we start a fire.


When we need coolness we find shadow and wind.

done 1-DSC_0747 Shooting range

Nomadic tribes probably set up camp where they thought it would be beneficial. The contemporary human might built houses where they have a nice view. Not realizing that with an actual anchored building the whole feeling of that once empty land is corrupted. With a truck, we can have that pristine view and keep it.

d 1-DSC_0903

done 1-DSC_0349

With a truck we can quickly move. And so can I inside.

done 1-DSC_1035 picsart

We have endless capacity to store water and food. We can take showers with the amount of water we carry (Geo uses 1 liter whereas I use 3 liters).

done 17-68751535_416810788953793_1448447578495516672_n

done 02-69201685_1576673802468452_3947213676762628096_n

1-DSC_0146 (2)

By Cindy

Years of traveling brought me many different insights, philosophies and countries I needed to be (over 90 in total). I lived in Pakistan, went over 15 times to India and when I stopped cycling the world, that was after 50.000 kilometer through 45 countries, I met Geo. Together we now try to be more self-sustainable, grow our own food and live off-grid. I now juggle with the logistics of being an old-fashioned housewife, cook and creative artist loving the outdoors. The pouches I create are for sale on

5 replies on “Positives of living in a truck”

Hi P! There is one. Not being used to vlogging, I realized a video could add something to the one interested. Its, I think…. in the first post under Truck Living. Where Geo builds the innards.

We are leaving soon for SA, otherwise I would have made a fine indoor video 😊

Greetings Cindy

P.S. like your Facebook faces 😂😁


What a sweet story! By the way are you sleeping over the cab? Nice, I like the feel of the interior. Little compartments…. and of course one can take a chair outside in the unlimited space. Beautiful and I love the shower. I never thought of that! And you can fill it with warm or cool water. Brilliant! You both do look happy.

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Indeed, there is a sleeping compartment over de cab. It’s quite spacious and sleeps fantastic inside.

Geo had first another sort of shower, working on solar power but this is handier since it works on pumping the pressure by yourself.

And yes, we were happy! Though we had stress over the summer ; )

But we now know a lot more on what to do and what not. But most importantly: we both love the truck!

Liked by 1 person

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