The Building of a Tiny House on Wheels

The Truck

From traveling the vastness of the earth by public transport to a bicycle came to me as a flash. I got myself a bicycle and I cycled over 5 years nearly constantly, through more than 40 countries, a total of close to 50.000 kilometers.


Then I became tired and reached a point where I needed rest. Like a full stop. I entered a void where I did not know what I wanted, a rather remarkable place to be in, and a receptive one too, as it turned out.

I met Geo, we worked together on a farm in Paraguay, then we took a motorbike to explore little visited parts of Northern Paraguay, married and planned to take off with a truck.



All I love about cycling I want to keep, and all I dislike will be discarded.

  • Cycling often made me want to stay longer in the camp spots I found along the route. Some were so fabulous, surrounded by a vastness of nature that I longed to stay much longer than a night, or at best 2 nights. But I never could as I was always short of water and food. A bicycle simply won’t allow you to carry much, nor having electricity to read or write.

  • The food I ate was crappy, worse than what dogs and cats eat in Europe. Canned tuna fish each evening stays canned tuna fish however much anchovies, expensive quality cheese, veggies and good olives I threw in.

  • It was not a huge issue but my buttocks and the bordering delicate parts made my skin compete hard with sandpaper.

  • I started to linger in camp longer and longer as I noticed a shift in liking camping more than cycling on.

  • I wanted to explore the surroundings by foot, make treks or walk around but with a bicycle I was bound.

  • I noticed that cycling doesn’t allow me very often to be truly in nature, as I am on roads, even if I go off-road, I am still very often between fences.

The latter option will be a constancy now we are traveling by truck, so let’s see how that will affect my state of mind.

Geo and me 3

What I love about cycling is:

  • The simplicity of life

  • The constancy of being outside

  • A strong bond with your inner self (whatever that is ; )

  • Strengthening of intuition

  • Powerful and healthy body and mental state

  • The realization that life can be lived cheap and basic

A truck will inevitably have downsides and upgrades if it comes to life on a bicycle. I am all in for finding that out!

Geo and me 2

For already quite a time, Geo wanted to move out of his house, instead living in the German forests in a little wooden cabin. Just big enough to fit a bed, a little stove to cook and some space to move between the two. But having a cabin would mean one steady place and this seemed rather boring to him, so Geo would transform a little van into a Canadian style cabin and move around slowly, trying to avoid Germany altogether. He originally wanted a van such as a ‘boxvan’ but with me coming into his life, things changed. Geo’s main needs were:

  • High enough to stand upright

  • Wide enough to have a normal sized bed which could fit athwart

  • Good insulation

  • Sufficient solar power

  • A stealth look

  • A wood stove

  • Self made and -designed wooden interior

  • Sturdiness, unlike the usual collapsible features in a mobile home

Blotted 31-2018-05-08-21-42-26

As soon as we left Paraguay and reunited in Germany, Geo started the search for a mobile home. Many models to choose from, but me having a great disliking for ready-made mobile homes, the choice for a truck was easily made. Although we could have gone for a little van like a Westfalia or Sprinter, it turned out BIG.




Geo transformed this 2007, Iveco Eurocargo 7.5 ton truck with its 160 hp by himself. Without getting too much into planning he started and within a few weeks the truck was livable enough to start trying. Our home, the Truck, was born.


The space we have inside counts 15 square meters. We have 4 solar panels giving us a capacity of 400 Watts. We can carry as much water as we want (at least 200 liters). There will be a compost toilet, a very big kitchen and two independent sleeping compartments.



The Truck hopefully will be our steady home, a home not anchored to the earth, but where we can move to places with, changing the surroundings. To me it seems a solution, and even a logic continuation to cycling life. Though, it is not a cheaper way of moving than a bicycle!

At work (Geo 99.9%)

More about the details in a following post, be updated when you are curious to another way of living : )





When you read this and are more experienced with living a van- or mobile-home life, we’d love to hear your advice or experience.

17 responses to “The Building of a Tiny House on Wheels

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  2. Looks super cool Cindy.
    And you are on a continent with such variety from South to north to east you can move and Explore for years to come.
    Hope to run into you two in the Future and see your home for myself.

    Good job !

    Liked by 2 people

    • Hi Koen,

      Thank you for your nice feedback. We are not sure whether we want to explore from north to south to east to west. It is expensive, this diesel product ; ) Also, you know, it is rather stressfull, to be in traffic or on small backroads with deep cliffs in such a vehicle. It is for sure a new adventure and also a new finding out what we like and dislike. It’s a huge vehicle indeed!

      But I do hope to run into you too, I’ll make you a Thai curry then : ))

      Enjoy Australia!

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  3. Great story one I might in time follow my self. Maybe with your bike attached to the back you can have the best of both worlds? Trucks have trouble following dirt dual tracks to lovely places but for that you get on your bike. The truck can be like a base camp and so on. Happy adventures Cindy

    Liked by 2 people

    • Hi Dingo Dreams,

      You know what I found out, that it doesn’t work like that for me: taking the bicycle on the truck. We did that, just now. We went to the mountains in Spain and though it was very beautiful, a natural park with an abundance of tracks. We even went there with the truck, but for me, cycling is not just cycling somewhere. For me, unfortunately, cycling was always either communiting to work or traveling. I consider myself a traveler, not a cyclist. So, although Geo wanted to cycle out in the forest, I headed back as I dislike cycling rounds, or just cycling for the sake of cycling. Instead, I LOVE to make a trek.

      Do you cycle just somewhere, for the sake of cycling?

      Also, I have to find a new way now I am with Geo. Two people with a different lifestyle in a situation new to both requires a new approach, and we are both finding our way in that.

      Much regards, Cindy

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      • Cindy I do both. I love the freedom of riding and I love riding to get to places. I guess what I was saying is more bikepacking and not touring as such. Riding through a pass or a long route but eventually coming back to base – the truck. It could be a few days or a few weeks. Yeah it would not be a tour as such hmmm. I am sure you will like the truck life for the rest you will be able to get but I think after a while you will want to be more active again. How to do that in a truck is the question…. I am sure you will find a way when the need arrises. Does Geo like bike touring?


      • Hi,

        Yeah, I don’t know really. Everything changed. I have to find a new balance in
        what I want.

        I am not at all a sporty type, so I don’t miss the activity of cycling. I am more a traveler, so that will stay. Cycling as I did is not an option anymore, and Geo does not like cycling at all. I would not want to cycle with anyone anyway (not even with Geo ; ) Hahaha!!

        Maybe the fact that you live in Australia and I in a relatively closely knit country (Spain) could be a reason why I dislike cycling nowadays. Also, I have found out, on a recent cycling trip of a week…. tatatatataaaaa: nature must impress me or else I simply miss Geo. Spain so far did not impress much, perhaps I am a bit spoiled? But you are right, simply sitting in a truck is of course not enough. We did a lot of hikes while in the truck.

        The truck functions then as a base camp indeed. I really love the comfort a truck gives (though no shower not toilet). We have a fire wood stove, and that thing is AWESOME!

        Where do you base yourself, if I may ask? Is the weather always good where you are that you can stay outside at all tiimes?

        To have the truck as a base and come back after a few days or weeks is not an option in my opinion, as then the truck stands on its own. That makes it easy to open doors unseen…. And geo and I both are allergic to RV sites ; ))

        Well, have a good day.
        Greetings Cindy


    • Hoi Gerry,

      Dank je! Leuk je weer terug te ‘zien’ op mijn blog. Weer heel wat anders, dit kleine huisje op wielen, maar voor nu: weer terug in het paleis zonder wielen. Wat een tegenstelling.

      Hoe gaat het met je? Heb je plannen voor een reis? Hoop dat het goed gaat met je X

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  4. Yo Cindy

    Nice truck you have and like you say diesel isn’t cheap. I too have been living in a van whilst working and it’s a great. I’m also not an avid cyclist but love hiking. However, travelling by van isn’t an option for me because I feel detached from the outside world. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been all over the uk in my van but I’d rather walk to Australia than drive if you get my drift.

    Enjoy the ride and see where it takes you. Like anything in life, a free spirit gets bored quickly!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Phil, is walking to Australia not a whole different approach than living and working in a van in the UK?! I think both can not be compared.

      I like the truck a lot, as it is much easier for cooking great meals. Its all much more straight forward yet I feel very much one with the surroundings. It can carry a lot more than a bicycle and its actually a pretty luxurious lifestyle compared to a bicycle. But yes, it is less one with nature than by hiking, for sure!

      Greetings Cindy and Geo


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    • Hi Gert,

      Tried to find out your name, but it is not on your ‘Gravatar’, so I keep it with Gert ; )

      This idea was Geo’s. I had to get used to it first, but when Geo started the truck I was quickly in love with the whole thing. I already liked the thought after he showed me a few video’s on YouTube of ‘van dwellers’. It is a great way to camp for us.

      Greetings Cindy and Geo


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